e-marketingMayeCreate partners with MyEmma.com to provide beautiful and functional email marketing tools.
Many of you have met EMMA, your online financial assistant.  MayeCreate recently met a second Emma, we thought they might be distant relatives but Don and Chris, founders of IaskEmma.com, assure us they’re not.  Bummer. The one thing these two ladies do have in common is their superior knowledge in their area of expertise.

We interviewed many candidates for our online email partner and Emma bested the others for several reasons.

Easy to use

We love answering technical questions and want to serve as a resource.  We also want you to feel comfortable with your program.  We think if you’re at ease with your online work environment you’ll send more emails and not dread the task.  That’s good for you and your business.

Provides consistent branding of emails

We believe change is good, but consistency is better.  It’s important to brand your emails so every time a recipient opens the message they know it’s from you.  This repetition builds trust with your viewers and provides much needed branding.

Robust Tracking

Most marketing efforts, no matter how well researched are just a guess until the actual results are in. Emma makes finding results easy. Better yet she gathers information that can help you know what sparks EACH viewer’s interest so you can send them more about what they like.

Here’s how it works.

Picking a layout<br>Click for larger image

Picking a layout

<strong>Adding text</strong><br>Click for larger image

Adding text

Proofing features

Proofing features

  1. Creating your email newsletters and campaigns has never been so easy. You’ll start by opening your brand stationery and then choosing one of nearly 39 layouts for the content you’ll add to it. Go one column or two, add images and captions – it’s all in your hands and it’s all quite easy.
  2. Once you’ve picked a layout, it’s easy to add text and images, format everything (without using html), and preview your work. We’ll even build the plain-text version of the email for you, then let you preview and fine-tune that as well.
  3. When your campaign is ready, you’ll preview your work and then proof it – to double-check your email for any words, links or content that could increase your spam score or cause delivery issues – all before you ever hit send.
  4. Ready to send? You’ll set your from name and address, pick the groups who’ll receive it, and either send now or schedule for later. You can also use Emma’s trigger email feature to have an email send automatically when someone signs up, has a birthday, and more.Are some recipients in more than one group? Don’t worry – Emma will make sure that if Bob is in three of the groups you’re emailing, he’ll only receive one email. Bob would want it that way.

Here’s how it helps: You learn about your clients.

Overall tracking stats

Overall tracking stats

Indepth Stats

Detailed breakdown

This is when the real fun begins. As people begin receiving and opening your emails, Emma will begin reporting the activity back to you in real time – all in one extremely handy summary screen.

But the response tracking doesn’t stop there. If 30 people opened, you can click that total and find out who opened and when they did it. Same goes for all response totals, like bounces, clicks, forwards and more.

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