WordPress 3.5

You’re probably thinking this month’s post is about a recent band’s website that is up and running. Sorry pal, this band is WordPress and the drummer is update 3.5. That’s right, another WordPress Update!

This time WordPress 3.5 is named after Elvin Jones, a drummer who played with John Coltrane, just to drop a name.

It feels just like yesterday that WordPress was updated, 6 months ago actually, but this time around there are more features that you, the Admin, are able to use and see.

New Year New Updates

One update is that  Links manager is no longer in the left sidebar of the dashboard on the Admin side of the sites. If you are currently using Links manager, it will stay put in the sidebar but not for others.  What’s Links manager you ask? Links manager is used to store outside links that are used on the website in a efficient manner.  If you’re not currently using the links manager feature and want to incorporate it into your 3.5 site you’ll now have to utilize a links manager plugin.

WordPress programmers were on top of their game when they updated the admin panel of WordPress using Retina-Ready (HiDPI), making everything very clean and crisp to the eye.

We Get Excited Over Media

There are a couple of great updates that the MayeCreate Designers and Project Managers are pretty excited about is the ability to ‘Favorite’ WordPress Plugins and the new media upgrades!  Having the ability to favorite plugins will give more time to designing rather than searching through a library of plugins that help make your website great. We’re always excited to gain more time around here!

The media enhancements very user-friendly, you won’t even recognize it! What’s different you ask? Let me tell you:

  • The layout is more open and keeps information visible, making editing the image right at your fingertips when its uploaded to WordPress
  • You are able to add multiple photos at one time into a post using the wonderful shortcut of Shift/Ctrl+click
  • Create galleries using drag and drop (we love that!)

Check out this video for more WordPress info:

Want to be a groupie?

Have these new features interested you enough that you want to be using WordPress 3.5? Contact us we’re happy to help you out! While you’re on the site, check out the groupies who’ve already joined!

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