Eyedentity Eyewear Williams & Associates Eyecare has a new website!A Clear Vision for Success

The mission at Williams & Associates Eyecare & Eyedentity Eyewear is to ensure healthy vision for all of their patients. They have a staff of experts who strive to provide the most convenient and cost-effective optometry care possible in Columbia, MO. Their goal in providing great customer service is to meet patients’ exact needs and preferences, not throw them a sales pitch. It was empowering to work with a team who strives more for quality of service rather than quantity of dollars made.

Thoughtful Design & Functionality

Some logos have a color scheme that can be challenging to use on a larger scale. At a glance, we thought this might be the case with incorporating Eyedentity Eyewear’s logo colors into their new website. But these were needless concerns in the end, because as you can see, it turned out beautifully! The muted greens and purples pair extremely well with the deep gold that’s included in their logo.

There’s also font size changer option at the top right-hand corner of the site to provide visitors with some flexibility on how they view the site’s pages. When you click on the smallest A will reduce the displayed font size, clicking on the largest will increase the font size on the page, and clicking on the A in the middle will restore the font to its original size. It makes sense for a website that caters to vision, right?

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