Timeline. Posts. Fans. Likes. These Facebook terms can be overwhelming for some, but those who dove head first into Facebook at our bonus Lunch & Learn, Facebook Friday can take a deep breathe.
Those attending started their business’s Facebook page from the beginning, learning everything from definitions to how to gain traffic to their page from Sam Devaram. Sam works for the Small Business & Technology Development Center as a business counselor. He teaches classes on Facebook to business owners and his knowledge on Facebook was very beneficial to all.


The attendees posed questions during the workshop that were beneficial so we though we’d share a couple questions complete with answers:

Question: Can more than one post be pinned to the top of your Facebook wall?

Answer: No, unfortunately only one post is allowed to be pinned at a time.

Question: I’ve Highlighted a Milestone, but it’s not showing up. What do I do?

Answer: The Milestones will appear on the Timeline once they have time to generate and more information is posted to the Page.

Question: Can I set a status to post in the future?

Answer: Yes, now you can plan ahead and schedule your status to post at the best appropriate time.

Miss out on Facebook Friday and want more information on the new Facebook features?

Call us at the office and we can set up a one hour session to help you out.

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