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Facebook finally released their new Pages design site-wide.

Facebook announced back in March they were “rolling out a streamlined look for Pages on desktop.” We. Were. EXCITED! I got all ready to write my blog post noting key updates and improvements to the new design.

I noticed several pages had the new design, but sadly the MayeCreate page had not “rolled over” to the new design yet. Sad. So, I waited and waited. Checked our page, and waited some more.

Well, the wait is over! It’s finally here! After waiting…THREE months, the new Facebook Pages re-design took effect! Here are some of the nifty, new changes they made, allowing for easier page navigation and offering your visitors a clear direction to the info they need, like hours, etc.

Sleek Admin Section

The Admin section of your page is always at the top. With the old pages design, all of your information and statistics were readily available and visible. While it may have been convenient to have all that info front and center, I found it quite cluttered.

MayeCreate Design Facebook Page Header

The newly designed Facebook Page Admin section is tidy and easy to navigate.

Now, there are clearly marked tabs allowing for easy direction to your page’s activity, insights and other tools.

Another cool thing is the “This Week” panel to the right side of your cover photo displaying pertinent weekly statistics like how many page likes you’ve had for the week.

The best part of the new Admin section? It stays with you when you scroll! No more scrolling to the top to access your Admin toolbar.

Left Column

The left side of your timeline now offers information your visitors are really looking for. Clearly listed are your business’ information sections:

  • People: Likes and visits
  • About: Location, hours, contact information, website address
  • Photos
  • Posts to Page: Posts by others in which you are tagged
  • Reviews
  • Likes: Other pages you have liked

The new Timeline is laid out in a linear fashion creating consistency in posts.

Right Column

Previously, your posts were listed like an actual timeline: a vertical line illustrating the order posts were created. Unfortunately, they flip-flopped from left to right, alternating day to day and personally, I had a hard time easily recognizing when a post was created.

With the new Timeline, posts lie on the left column of your page, and only there, displayed in ONE column and in order. Awesome.

Pages to Watch

Within the Insights tab of the Admin section is a new feature called Pages to Watch.

Streamlined Look for Facebook Pages

(Photo source: facebook for business)

Within this section, you may add business pages similar to your own and keep track of their business statistics. Of the pages you watch, you will be able to monitor total page likes, new likes by week, posts per week and their engagement with their visitors.

Additional information regarding these pages you watch may be found in the Insights drop-down navigation.

Overall, I’d like to congratulate Facebook on this re-design. The final outcome is clean and easy to navigate. Whether you’re the page owner or a visitor, you can have a pleasurable experience perusing statistics, or posts, and finding the information you’re looking for.

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