TValentine's Day Giraffehis Valentine’s Day, the MayeCreate and Tranquility teamsĀ  couldn’t resist stirring up a little love.
We started preparing in advance. Marie designed the e-mails and cards that we sent to customers, adding a pint size giraffe and a few pinches of ridiculously adorable.

Stacy and Megan whipped up a few cookies…okay, a few hundred cookies, and we sent them out to customers. Some of the cookies went to the Boys and Girls Club of Columbia. The kids there sent back thank you cards in response. After we oohed, ahhed and goggled over them for a few minutes, we pinned them up for the whole office to see.

Andy Sommers wrote, “Thank you for the delicious Valentine’s Day cookies! I wasn’t expecting much on V-Day this year, so it really made my day. Thank You!”

The other kids drew pictures and wrote little messages. Below is a photo for all of cyberspace to admire.

Valentine's Day Card

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