There is nothing more boring than a website only containing text with straight-forward information about a business. Come on, people- at least give me some pictures to look at! If this is the case for your website, I’m sorry but that’s just not going to cut it. You build amazing things, so your website should be just as amazing. Reel in viewers by offering fresh original content on your website they can sink their teeth into.

1. Post Photos

Showcase your projects and post photos of your work. Almost everyone posts pictures of their finished products. We find photo galleries are some of the most visited areas of our construction clients’ websites. Prospects want to see what’s in store for them if they choose to work with you and photos give them expectations of your company’s work. You wouldn’t hire someone to come paint a mural on your house if you didn’t know if they could paint, would you?

What should I post photos of?

Photos are a fun way for clients to see your company. Post photos of:

  • Your process and introduce clients to what your project will look like at each stage; then they know what to expect from your company.
  • Employees hard at work; allows you to introduce employees to clients.  Let people see the job site, how clean you keep your work zone and the safety measures you take to keep your crew safe first hand.  By showing visitors you respect your work environment and staff you inadvertently convey the respect you show them when they choose to work with you.
  • Inside of your company office; introduce the office staff in their work environment.
  • Photos before, during and after a project.  Show viewers how you transform nothing but dirt and boards into an amazing work of construction.
  • People having fun.  When everyone wears their new shirts to work snap a photo.  A clean crew is a proud crew.  At the MayeCreate office we joke around about “family picture day”, when we all accidentally show up to work in matching outfits.  So we snap a photo and share it because it’s silly and fun without being overly personal.
  • Happy customers.  Show your customers happily posed in front of their completed project.  Nothing says you’re awesome like the smiling face of a pleased customer.  If you’re feeling up to it, take a photo with them!
  • Bloopers or critters are also a fun addition to your site.  If you find a nest of bunnies on a job site or maybe have a four legged crew member who works with you consider sharing their antics to lighten up the mood on your site.

The nice thing about these photos is they can be doubled as social media content. Part of the recipe to drive traffic to your site calls for social media posts, use your stellar photos to grow your blog audience.

2. Create a Construction Blog

Get creative and start a blog for your company. Remember our 10 Week Blogging Success Recipe? If not, you should go take a look, because it’s a great way to start driving traffic to your website. But to give a small recap, the ingredients include:

  • 10 Blog Posts
  • 20 Social Media Posts
  • 5 Blog Post Emails
  • And multiple offerings

What should I write about?

You may be struggling with that question, and you shouldn’t worry because you aren’t the only one. Refresh your memory with a past blog post of ours to learn more about what to write about.

I’m a commercial construction company, why in the world should I have a blog?

Your blog allows you and your company to share your personality and wisdom. You may think blogging is for drama-filled teens to share their deep thoughts and emotions, but I promise it’s not. If clients want to know more about your company and the commercial construction industry, they should be able to get that information from you. There are so many reasons to blog on your website, one of the biggest reasons companies get started is to build trust with visitors by showing them you’re knowledgeable and are willing to share your knowledge with the public. Some types of blog posts you can create that do this are:

  • How-tos and tutorials
  • Office events
  • Lists
  • Resources
  • Reviews

3. Share Drawings

Adding sketches of past projects is a way to show that your company is visionary. Plans and blueprints are visually appealing and make clients interested in learning what kind of a sketch you can create for their commercial construction project. Consider pairing drawings with the finished product so viewers can see where a project starts and finishes.  If a client isn’t used to visualizing a sketch as a finished product the two together could help them bridge the gap.  For example, some people can walk into a home fully furnished with terrible paint and flooring and see the home they’re dreaming of.  While others will take a look around and head out in search for an empty paradise of beige where it’s easier to imagine their own belongings.

4. Shoot Videos

Videos are a great way to put clients in the middle of your company action.

Process Videos

Make process videos that show bits of construction from the beginning to the end of a project. Consider using a time lapse style for maximum impact. In the video, you can capture employee interactions during each building step throughout your process to show clients how your company operates internally. Clients will be more willing to work with your commercial construction company because they see how clean your jobsites are, the professionalism of your employees and the care and hard work your company put into making projects.

Behind the Scenes

Consider a video of your office space to introduce the “behind the scenes” employees that make sure projects run smoothly. (They deserve credit too!) Clients want to know who is working with their money and contracts, so putting a face and voice to a name helps clients feel more trusting with your company.

Share Your Value Proposition

You can shoot videos of key people in your company talking about how they feel about the work you do and how you take care of clients to let the awesomeness of your company and team shine through.

Video Testimonials

Video testimonials are also a powerful addition to a website, they’re like a commercial about how amazing you are.

Now put this into action!

Take your commercial construction website from drab to fab with those four easy ideas. It’s imperative to use your website as a tool to showcase your business, but you don’t want to bore your audience in the process. Freshen up your website with a little blog action, photos, videos and drawing love to give your website a breath of fresh air.

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