Here’s the Breakdown

1: Design Options

Custom Website Design with Consultative Process
This process is the best option for established businesses undergoing an identity shift or re-brand. Also for designs with multiple decision makers or requiring board approval. And for those who will “know it when they see it”.

Design Investment: $2915

2: Page Options

15 pages of your website will be professionally designed.

Page Design Investment: $1870

The following dynamic pages will be developed: Blog, Events, Specials, FAQ’s, Staff/Board Members, News/Press Releases, Portfolio, Resources/Document Library, Testimonials, Projects, Sponsors, Careers/Jobs

Page Development Investment: $2750

3: Content Development

A professional will write the content for 15 pages of your website.

A professional photographer will spend 6 hours taking photos for your website.

Content Development Investment: $2750

4: Programming

The following types of addtional functionality will be programmed for your website: Photo Gallery, Rotating slideshow of images on home page, Online Application for Employment, Advertising Portal to Display Ads on your Site, Map with Multiple Locations, Members Only Password Protected Section, Social Share Buttons (Allow visitors to share website content via social media), E-newsletter Sign Up, E-Newsletter Auto Send (Send newsletters from your blog posts automatically), Email Contact Form
10 email forms or applications for employment will be created.

Programming Investment: $3850

5: Sell Items Online

Your website will have the capability to sell the following types of items:Products/Services, Gift Cards, Event Tickets
An email form will allow visitors to purchase one type of item at a time.

Ecommerce Investment: $660

6: Search Engine Optimization

Key terms will be researched for your industry and implemented in your website to boost your rankings in Google Search results.
NOTE: If good SEO is one of your goals you will need to allocate a monthly budget of $300+ for ongoing SEO services.

Search Engine Optimization Investment: $1155



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This tool is for budgeting and discovery, not a hard estimate.

The pricing quoted is based on the MayeCreate Design pricing structure. We’re a small company in the Mid-West. We’re not a startup, we’ve been around for over a 10 years. Our pricing is comparable to other companies like us in our area.

So, if you’re out on the coasts or in a big city, this price may seem super low (which is cool, because with this thing called the Internet, we can still build you a rockin’ site from where we are for the same low price). And if you’ve been talking to freelancers or start-up companies, our price may seem too high. It’s not a perfect estimate but a tool to help you in your discovery process.

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