Care Connection: Your Area Agency on Aging

AfterCare Connection for Aging Services, a non-profit area agency on aging, makes a difference in the lives of people by providing them with services and resources that empower them to create healthy aging experiences. By serving 13 West Central Missouri counties, they play a huge part in numerous people’s lives. We were honored to help make a site for them so they could continue doing what they do best.

Warm and Welcoming, but Still Modern

The Care Connection logo already has a nice balance of warm and cool in it and we wanted to echo that color scheme in the website. In doing this, the site ended up having a very warm and welcoming feeling while, at the same time, being very easy to read thanks to the cool colors. The gentle curves throughout the site, intertwined into the call-to-action buttons, also add to the amicable feelings the site projects while referring back to the curve in the logo.

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