global_recentlycompletedIt’s less often that we get to do work for a cause rather than a business or organization. When Adam Beckett, an ER doctor with a passion for helping and traveling, approached us about creating a site we were enthralled! He needed a website that would create a community and share a wealth of information. Enter

Listening to the World

From the tsunamis in Japan and Indonesia, famine in Somalia, earthquakes in Haiti, and hurricanes and floods here in the United States, there is an increasing demand for medical volunteers to assist in relief and recovery.  Many countries around the world are so desperately in need of support that something as simple as routine medical care can make all the difference. The vision for Global First Responder (GFR) is “to improve global health response to medical needs worldwide and improve communication amongst individuals and agencies involved in such efforts.”

Regions in Need

It was vital for the GFR website to share a considerable amount of information to members and the public alike. Significant information about every country includes:

  • Quick Facts
  • Healthcare Statistics
  • Agencies
  • Government in Power
  • Stories from Past Visitors
  • Images

After researching how agency websites handle this, a plan was hatched for hierarchy of organization on the back-end of the site that could handle a dynamic method of displaying information. This is accomplished in the robust Regions in Need section. Featuring a flash map it utilizes a highly visual method of navigation across the globe, with detailed views of regions so even the smallest countries can be found. Drop-downs for regions and countries also take users to their desired location when viewed on a mobile device.


More than a toothbrush will need to be on the educated traveler’s packing list. Many regions have limited supplies, means of transportation and/or methods of sanitation we are accustomed to. Earning the title of GFR is not for the faint of heart. Those interested can find a wealth of resources, including Stories from the Field – members’ own accounts of their experiences, challenges and successes.

Functionality & Future Phases

Currently, members have privileges to contribute and publish content to the site. Administrators have the ability to monitor content as needed. Additionally, the expansion and further development of the Global First Responder’s site is on the horizon. As volunteers join the site and participate in the community, additional functionality is planned to encourage additional interaction and direct contact between members who have been to a country and those thinking/planning to go there.

Cause Worthy

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