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Websites and blogs publish thousands of new posts every day covering a huge range of topics, from how to refinish your concrete floors to how to live and act like Sherlock Holmes (‘cause who wouldn’t benefit from this information?). While this endless flow of information can be highly convenient (especially for general knowledge seekers, tinkerers, and gift-giving procrastinators — thanks, Pinterest), it can be overwhelming to users and also makes it harder and harder for marketers to beat the competition and engage customers.

However, there are 5 marketing strategies that can help you overcome this problem and boost your efforts (even if your goal is to have the most engaging blog post on how to live and act like Sherlock Holmes).

1. Create a buzz online.

Use your website as a tool to express your professional opinion about industry and market events. If you want to engage your customers, write on the most interesting topics, and use provocative statements. You can use sites like BuzzSumo to find trending topics to cover.

Try not to worry about whether the readers will disagree with you. Both positive and negative comments will help you to promote your content online and allow you to reach a wider target audience, thus improving the results of your marketing strategy.

Neightan White, a Chief Marketing Officer with SupremeDissertations, states: “You don’t have to follow the existing trends and agree with a public opinion. Try to become a rebel and set the new trends on your own.”

2. Start a dialogue.

A primary mission of your content marketing strategy is to provide your customers with information they need (or don’t know they need), not to promote your products and services. That said, always put your clients first, and try your best to satisfy their needs. Operating under this mindset will help you significantly improve brand loyalty.

Think of your content as an instrument you can use to start a dialogue with your target audience. You can end your posts with relevant questions and calls-to-action, which encourages users to provide feedback and demonstrates that you value your readers’ opinions — and if you value your readers’ opinions, you probably value your clients’ opinions — further demonstrating you’re ready to help them solve their problems.

This strategy is a natural fit in social media networks but will require you to enable comments on your website blog.

3. Ensure uniqueness.

The thing about the web being overloaded with content is, it’s not unique content. For this reason, users feel confused when Google provides them with 5 links to different websites that contain the same blog post, only slightly rewritten.

If you want to make your website stand out, create exclusive content visitors won’t find on other online sources. Fortunately, there are a lot of modern tools and services out there that can help you to cope with this task in a way that doesn’t make you want to pull all of your hair out…

  • HotEssayService — This company provides writing, proofreading, and editing services. You can use it when you need unique content fast. Even if deadlines are pressing, you can be sure your work will be done right.
  • iStock — This service is much better than free photo stocks available online because it offers high-resolution exclusive images. Nowadays, it’s crucially important to have quality images, so you’ll make a worthy investment in your business development by purchasing photos.
  • RatedbyStudents — You can check this website to compare the most popular writing services and choose the most reliable, yet affordable one.
  • Canva — You can use this online tool to design catchy infographics and blog post images. Its user-friendly interface enables you to easily create beautiful graphics for darn near any online need or platform. We’re big fans at MayeCreate, both personally and professionally. It’s a great tool!
  • ClipChampHigh-quality video is a good way to catch attention. You can use this online service to make professional video clips even if you have no experience in video editing.

4. Pay attention to SEO.

Despite the fact that some specialists claim that SEO is dead, it’s not true. It’s more likely that it’s passing through a new evolutionary stage of development the same way your three-year-old’s deafening screaming tantrums are also just a sign of transition (hopefully). So, ignore the SEO myths going around and continue creating Google-friendly content.

In fact, you should improve your website every day: edit existing content, add new pages, publish new blog posts, and add relevant images and other visuals elements.

Feel free to seek some outside help from these modern tools and services:

  • Google Keyword Planner — Watch your trends and find popular online keywords to help build content around the topical issues, which are the topics your target audience members are searching for.
  • Yoast SEO — This is a WordPress plugin, which lets you check the readability of every text you want to post and provides useful tips on how you can optimize every page.

5. Provide evidence.

Rumor Has It” is a phrase that works well as an Adele lyric and song title, not as an opener in a business blog post. Today’s web users are very picky and visit only those sites that offer completely reliable information. So, if you want your target audience trust you, write about the facts, not the rumors.

Basing your content on reliable data like scientific papers, market researches, online surveys and official statistics proves to your readers you’re a reputable source for industry information and updates. For example, if you want to say “market share of Coca-Cola dropped by 15%,” you need evidence to support that statement. And to show where you cited this information, always add outbound links to reputable and credible sources to support your ideas.

Bonus: when you insert external links in your text, you help to improve your website’s ranking — that’s because reputable references convince Google that your site provides only high-quality content. As a result, your web page is more often displayed at the top of search results.

Final Thoughts

I think it goes without saying that if you want your marketing strategy to bring positive results online, you’ve got to take your content creation process seriously — focus on the quality of content, not quantity— and try to surprise your customers with brand new, engaging ideas.

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