Engage Millennials' Charitable Side With Mobile Marketing

Millennials, who currently range between 18-35 years, are a tech-savvy generation that grew up using smartphones. As technology is a part of their day-to-day life, they expect and in fact demand for information to be easily accessible. And with such expectations and demands, they are changing the charitable scene big time.

Also, despite popular belief, millennials are not a self-centered and stingy lot. They are just more conservative with their money since they have lower disposable income as compared to the older groups.

However, even with these financial woes, these guys are more than willing to donate their hard-earned money to a cause they trust to make a difference. Furthermore, the platform used for donations matters a lot to them.

They prefer making donations to worthy causes online using mobile devices. The high success levels of fundraising on crowdfunding platforms like Indiegogo, Crowdrise, and GoFundMe provide a true picture of this. To this end, non-profit organizations would largely benefit from deliberately and specifically designing their donation campaigns to engage millennials on mobile devices and encouraging them to donate.

How To Do This Effectively

Optimize for mobile.

Since millennials are a phone reliant group, making your website and social media pages mobile friendly will attract them to your charitable cause. This means creating page layouts with short and clear content that is easy to grasp, as Millenials are averse to scrolling down long pages. Also, use images and short videos — for greater engagement —and consider enlisting the help of an app developer to create a mobile app to give you more control over enhancing the users mobile experience.

Use relevant and shareable content.

Unlike older generations, millennials are more interested in the beneficiaries of their money. They want to know their story, where they live, and why they need donations. Hence, make a plan to create content that showcases your story along with photos of the intended recipients, and, if possible, get these people to directly tell their stories via video.

Similarly, the content provided should be shareable since millennials tend to share fundraiser stories more often than other groups if the story aligns with their values and appeals to their desire to help.

Promote charitable activities.

Millennials are a result-oriented group that’s very much interested in how donations are used and their impact on the beneficiaries. Don’t hesitate to satisfy this desire.

Keep your website and social media pages updated with charitable activities and other relevant info. Millenials will not stand for outdated content, if they perceive your content is old, or phoney, you will lose them. If you have an ongoing project, keep them abreast with video updates of how things are faring and how far along the project is.

Offer multiple donation options.

Respect this tech-savvy generation’s abilities by providing them with different ways to make donations on your donation page. Allow them to use credit cards, checks, and other popular services like PayPal to easily process donations. They won’t tolerate lengthy and hard-to-use donation methods.

More importantly, don’t forget to vividly show your donate button to make it easy for these guys to contribute.

By efficiently using mobile marketing to capture millennial donors, you will open up incredible doors for your non-profit organization.

To realize the full potential mobile marketing packs, check the visual narrative below:

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