Greater Missouri Leadership Foundation's new websiteGreater Missouri Leadership Foundation is harnessing the state’s girl power to challenge and nurture the leaders of tomorrow. We had the pleasure of designing and building their website in 2012, and while it was awesome at the time, they were facing a challenge with it: it was five years old and lacked the modern and innovative nature to meet members’ needs.

To solve this problem, they came to us with a desire to update the site to make it easier for users to communicate and interact. Greater MO’s organizers wanted to provide members with new and improved website features, like a streamlined application process, member directories, news, the ability to pay dues online and more. The MayeCreate team, primarily comprised of women, was excited and proud to work once again with an organization supporting women in leadership positions!

Rising to the Challenge

Each year, Greater Missouri Leadership Foundation hand selects a few talented women out of a pool of applicants to participate in the Missouri Leadership Challenge, where these women meet for four 3-day sessions to receive education in different areas of leadership.

Once the leadership challenge is over, alumnae have the support of a close-knit community. The foundation also grants Women of the Year awards, where they honor alumnae for doing exemplary work in their respective fields.

A Modern Website for Tech Savvy Members

We updated the website with a members section to facilitate better communication and interaction among members. Now Greater Missouri Leadership Foundation members can use a password protected login to see the full online directory, update their personal account information, and pay dues online.

Updating the website also streamlined the application process to make accepting new members easier for the Greater MO’s executive director. Applicants are able to submit their information online and are then automatically made a profile within the members portal that lets them stay up to date with organization emails and newsletters.

Now both members and organizers can interact with ease thanks to these awesome website features:

  • Mobile Friendly Design – Adaptive Templates
    Websites that are mobile-friendly with adaptive templates will be served more often on search engines to people using their mobile devices.
  • Custom WordPress Theme
    With Custom WordPress Themes, the website design is unique and the structure is flexible, scalable, and easily manageable. Let’s just say websites with custom WordPress themes aren’t forced to reside inside the box.
  • Safe Site Plan
    The Greater Missouri Leadership Foundation website is enrolled in our Company Safe Site Plan, meaning we’ve enhanced the site in an effort to offensively protect it from hackers. We backup the site daily, maintain regular WordPress and plugin updates, monitor site activity and link function.
  • Password-Protected Member Login
    The organization’s information and important documents can be shared online with current members, and members can login to see online directories, pay dues and receive automated emails.
  • Streamlined Application Process
    Greater MO applicants are able to submit their information online to make accepting new members easier for the Greater MO’s executive director. When the application is submitted, a user profile is automatically created within the portal for the new applicant.
  • Automated Email Newsletters
    With MailChimp’s automated email feature integrated into the Greater MO website, blog subscribers will automatically receive scheduled emails featuring the latest organization news and website updates.
  • Recurring Member Dues Application
    The Greater MO website features a plugin allowing members to select and pay for their recurring dues by membership level on the website. Each level has a recurring payment function built in so members don’t have to pay manually each time.

Are you looking for a website too?

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