corey-1Hello, my name is Corey Logsdon. I graduated from Columbia College in the spring of 2016 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Graphic Design, and a few months ago I was given the opportunity to come work for MayeCreate as a graphic designer and web developer.

Here at MayeCreate

For me, the thrill of the job will always be in taking the client’s needs and figuring out how to visually answer them. At MayeCreate I get to see firsthand how other designers also apply themselves to that task, and it’s always informative to watch. Everybody at the office is incredible. We all have our quirks – that’s what makes it feel like a family and not some bland corporate office – and we all have our different skills. Sometimes the workload will hint at a slow day, and then something happens, a last-minute revision request from the client or something on a site broke, and it’s all hands on deck for the next five hours. It’s a challenging task and keeps me on my toes, which is helped by a good thermos of coffee and an awesome playlist.


Corey at Cosplacon in Jefferson City, MO with Groot.

Off the Clock

When I’m off the clock I actually do a lot of running. Growing up, I was never very coordinated at kicking or throwing balls, but there was something freeing about just racing up and down the court or field, chasing or being chased, and the only rule that mattered more than the score was not getting caught. Nowadays, running is more my zen time when it’s just me and the pavement under my shoes.

I also used to be an avid gamer. I still enjoy games but outside of work I’ve found my time being spent more on writing, reading and illustrating. Illustrating is always a fun challenge because I have to figure out how to imply an entire story into a single frozen moment. It can take time and be frustrating but the payoff when it’s finished is incredible. As much as I hate to say it, it’s a lot more fulfilling than replaying Fallout 4 for the tenth time.

Looking Forward

I’ve always enjoyed learning new things and I’m looking forward to cutting my teeth on client websites and creative challenges that can only really be taught through experiencing them firsthand, not in a college classroom. It’s my hope to grow as a designer, a developer, an illustrator, and be able to repay MayeCreate for giving me this incredible opportunity.

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