Driftwood in Ink by Rebecca Thomas

Driftwood in Ink by Rebecca Thomas

Hi there! I’m Rebecca Thomas, the newest addition to the MayeCreate team. I cover minor web-administration projects and some of the new creative pieces. Last week you saw a comic strip done by yours truly, which I hope you enjoyed because there’s more where that came from.

I’m a senior at Stephens College here in Columbia, majoring in Strategic Communication and Integrated Marketing. I will be graduating in December of 2016. It’s going to be a fun and wonderfully stressful time this year as I move towards graduation, but that is A-Okay. Just another part of life that I will inevitably, or at least hopefully, survive.

Oh, dear.

Titanium White is Toxic; Just FYI

I grew up in Farmington, Missouri, a small but growing town three hours from our lovely Columbia.

I was always a creative kid, spending time in the art, music and drama departments whenever I could, which led me to a little junior college 10 minutes from my house where I studied Fine Art for two years. Oil painting, print making, illustration, 2-D design, color theory; you name it, I took it. I worked myself silly in those art studios and had the time of my life. And when it came down to picking my future, I knew I didn’t want to make art a job, potentially sucking the fun out of it completely.

So I ended up here in Columbia, studying marketing, but still incorporating my artistic background through web design and graphic arts. I honestly think it was the best move possible. Hey, I get to work with MayeCreate, right?

I call that a win right there.

Is it a …Mop?

On any given Friday you may or may not find me in the office with a fur ball in my lap. That fur ball may look vaguely like a skunk, but that fur ball is my son, or so I call him.

Meet Simon, my toothless, six year old Japanese Chin. He is the bane of my existence and the true love of my life.

Simon at Sparky's

Simon at Sparky’s, Columbia, MO

I met this cutie through Senior Dogs for Seniors, and after an interview with his foster mother, it was love at first sight. For me at least, Simon sort of just…ran away every time I looked at him. She liked me well enough to make the exception of my age, (ie; Not a “Senior”) and I was determined to give this pup some love.

So now it’s two years later, and we are inseparable.  He lives with me at Stephens, as our dorms are pet accessible, and he has a grand ol’ time with the ladies on campus and our Border collie neighbor.

I love that little floof.


Looking Forward

I have survived everything up to this point, so logic dictates I should be able to continue this successful streak. Does that mean I’m not scared of the future? Absolutely not. I am terrified. But that’s okay. Because I’ve got a supportive family, really great friends, and some stunning co-workers. So at least I’m not going it alone.

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