Photos are not a requirement on your marketing pieces though they are an option on many designs. When submitting your photo please consider the following:
Have a nice photo taken. It doesn’t need to be artsy but it does need to be professional. Many department store photo centers do a good job for the type of photo you’ll need. Treat yourself to a hair cut and wear a nice collared shirt. Try to look like you do while on the job. You want to portray yourself as a professional, everyday person. Someone who’s trustworthy and dependable.


  • Send a digital, high quality image. 300 dpi is best.
  • Get a photo taken by a professional.
  • If you take your photos yourself put your camera on a high quality setting, turn off the flash and take a photo of yourself against a clean wall in a well lit area.
  • Get a release waiver from your photographer to use the image.
  • Submit one of the following file types: JPG, TIF, BMP, PSD, PNG


  • Send a low quality image. At least 150 dpi, and that may be a bit pixelated when printed.
  • Send a weird cropped out Facebook profile photo or a picture from your wedding day. This will not present a good image.
  • Mail a printed image for us to scan.
  • Scan in a low quality image.
  • Choose a photo that is too dark or has heavy shadows.
  • Send an image you stole from Google.
  • Paste images into Microsoft Word, Publisher or another program and upload the document instead of the original image file.

How to test if your photo is high enough quality.

Do a browser test.

[nggallery id=53]
  1. Right click on the image and select open with internet explorer (or another browser).
  2. Click to zoom in on the image all the way.
  3. High Resolution – If you view the photo at full size in a browser it should almost fill up the screen.
  4. Low Resolution – If your photo is smaller than eight inches by eight inches when viewed in a browser it’s probably too small.

Check the file size.

[nggallery id=54]
  1. Right click on your image and select properties.
  2. Look at the image size. Is it measured in MB or KB?
  3. High Resolution – More than 2 MB and you’re in the clear, you have a high quality image.
  4. Low Resolution – Less than 1 MB will be measured in KB, your image will most likely be too small.

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