This thing is huge, folks! Seriously. It’s a whopping 10.4′ by 7.5″ kind of huge.
IMMVAC, Inc., a company which manufactures vaccines and serums for animals to prevent and treat gram-negative bacteria, asked us to create their banner, has had a lengthy and prosperous relationship with MayeCreate. We’ve created labels for their products, designed their website, and made their flyers. When they asked us to concoct an exhibition banner, we couldn’t refuse (not because they threatened us with a cow tranquilizer or anything, but because we simply love ’em too much).

We’re proud of IMMVAC’s outrageously large banner, and here’s why:

  • This banner shows we pay attention to the details. Let’s be honest; that cow was as tall as a small child. When you zoom in that far on an object, it’s hard to miss the tiny details.
  • It pushed our technology to the limit…and beyond. No, nothing broke, but the time it took our computer to load the final project went beyond a just few minutes.
  • We were asked to do something new. At Mayecreate, we design everything from websites to letterheads. The IMMVAC banner presented a new challenge, a product much larger in size than we have ever been asked to do before.

Most importantly, we succeeded and made the fine people at IMMVAC beam with delight at their new banner. If you need an immensely colossal banner designed for you, don’t be afraid to contact MayeCreate Design. We’re up for (and maybe even taller than) the challenge.

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