Integrated Interiors Inc.'s New Website

Creating Motivating and Inspiring Spaces for Clients

Integrated Interiors, Inc., a commercial drywall company in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, had a website to help them succeed as a growing business, so clearly they understand a thing or two about the importance of marketing themselves in today’s digital age, but they were ready to build up their online presence to something that was easier on the eye, easier to update, and easier to find for prospects seeking services or career opportunities online.

Picking up on a theme here? “Make it easier…” Sweet, sweet music to our ears here at MayeCreate…

A Recognized Company Recognizes Room for Growth

Integrated Interiors, Inc. was founded in 1976 to meet the needs of a rapidly changing market and its demands. Ever since, they’ve made it their mission to create a motivating and inspiring environment for each client by providing quality metal framing, drywall and acoustical ceiling installation services. And you can tell by the long list of awards they’ve received on their website, they aren’t too shabby at it….

So, like any smart company would, they sought to keep the momentum going by taking actions to help grow their client base as well as their team. What’s a great way to do that? Update your website to meet the needs of the rapidly changing web and its demands. In this case, that meant a mobile-friendly website with engaging functionality and content optimized for search engines that also allows career-seeking individuals to apply for open positions. BAM. Talk about a client who knows what they want!

Creating Motivating and Inspiring Spaces…Online…

We took a page out of the Integrated Interiors, Inc. book and aimed to create for them a motivating online space they could use to provide the highest possible quality service to their clients…

To start, we pulled from their aesthetically fun range of project images for their homepage slideshow, using the more colorful and impressive photos to wow visitors first thing. For visitors seeking additional info on the company, the About page features a brief history of Integrated Interiors, Inc. as well as an endearingly dated family photo that’s sure to inspire any career-seeking individual to join up with such a stable and successful business.

Additionally, within the site we built a portfolio they can use to proudly showcase their hard work, categorized by industry (and, FYI, when clicked, each industry pulls up a corresponding header image to keep viewers engaged. Fancy!).

Per usual, the new Integrated Interiors, Inc. website has mobile-friendly design, which Google loooooves — something each website we design benefits from. We also implemented SEO throughout the site to further help draw in searching prospects, which also helps to boost the site’s ranking on Google and motivates visitors to continue moving from page to page due to the use of internal links applied to the keywords wherever possible (cause that’s just good SEO practice….).

To address the ease in updating the site, we built the Award and Career to be entered as posts so that each time a new award is won or a career position becomes available, staff can just go in and add the information as a post (the same way one would add a blog post to their blog). Aaaand! When categorized correctly within the post on the back end, the information automatically pulls into the correct page on the front end! Easier, right?

Finally, career-seeking individuals can find an “Apply” button next to each available position and complete a form right there online! No more snail mail for this HR staff, and no more printing applications and purchasing stamps for the applicants! Talk about easier…

Other features on the new Integrated Interiors, Inc. website include:

  • Custom WordPress Theme
    With Custom WordPress Themes, the website design is unique and the structure is flexible, scalable, and easily manageable. Let’s just say websites with custom WordPress themes aren’t forced to reside inside the box.
  • Safe Site Plan
    The new Integrated Interiors, Inc. website is enrolled in our Company Safe Site Plan, meaning we’ve enhance the site in an effort to offensively protect it from hackers. We backup the site daily, maintain regular WordPress and plugin updates, and monitor site activity and link function.
  • Updates & Ongoing Maintenance
    It’s imperative to keep content fresh with regular updates to keep clients and prospects interested. With their website completed, we help Integrated Interiors, Inc. stay on top of their game by performing requested updates and changes to the website as needed.
  • Categorized Projects Section
    We like to make things as simple as possible at MayeCreate, which is why we built Integrated Interiors, Inc.’s new projects section the way we did: Projects are categorized by industry type on the front end (what visitors see) with featured images associated with each, making it easier for visitors to flow through the site with as little confusion as possible.
  • Customized Single Project Posts
    On the back end (what visitors don’t see), single project pages are entered as posts (think blog), which is super easy for Integrated Interiors to find when they login to update their site. These single project posts feature custom fields like “Location” and “Architect,” ensuring certain details aren’t missed when new projects are added to the projects section.
  • Content Development
    Integrated Interiors, Inc. specializes in commercial drywall and acoustical ceilings, which typically doesn’t involve mad writing skills. So, when they decided to include portfolio category descriptions to go with each type of industry they work in, they relied on us to assist with the content development for that portion of their new site.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    A lot goes into optimizing a website for search engine optimization. Again, not a bag of tricks typically required in commercial construction. Through brainstorming, planning, and extensive keyword research, we implemented SEO on the new Integrated Interiors website to help their Google rankings when online searchers are seeking the types of services they provide.
  • Auto-Updating Years of Service
    Who wants to go in and update the company website’s reference to years of experience every single year? I’ll give you a hint: no one. How can you avoid it? By setting the content you’re updating to automatically do it on its own. Neat-o, right?

Are you looking for a website?

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