A rock steady company

recently_completed_welekJohn Welek, as both an individual and a company leader, focuses on constructing energy-efficient buildings. The John Welek Construction team members pride themselves on their ability to build homes ahead of the building codes while using the latest in current technology to surpass even the most rigorous energy efficiency standards, and they want to share this passion with you.

“To combat the attack on our environment, skyrocketing fossil fuel costs and global warming, our company focuses on utilization of energy efficient construction, sustainability and renewable resources.”

In other words, John Welek Construction is trying to save the world, and we think that’s pretty awesome.

A rock steady company needs a rock steady website

John Welek’s new website is built to last as long as the houses they build. Okay, maybe not that long; the internet moves pretty fast, after all. The site features a whole bunch of awesome information about the company and the work they do, as well as a very nice tan color palette with a splash of green. But the coolest part about this website is the video that plays in the header of every page through the window-like opening at the top. ¬†Check it out here.

Is your site on a solid foundation?

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