The New Kid in Town

Kiefer Law Office's new website

Christine Kiefer, a St. Louis native and Truman State University graduate, recently opened a law practice here in Columbia. Kiefer Law Office specializes in Social Security Disability and Workers Compensation, catering to those who have been injured at work or are unable to work due to an outside condition or injury. With 10 years of experience behind her, she’s represented both employers and employees as well as the State of Missouri before virtually every administrative body in the state.

She’s willing to travel statewide to meet her clients’ needs and wanted to get this message across to all Missourians as efficiently and effectively as possible. It’s dedication like this that lead her to us to create her something that would allow her to do just that. I mean, what better way in 2017 to communicate with potential clients than an impressive new website?

Making a Professional Splash

Kiefer Law Office values client needs above all else. It’s not easy struggling with social security disability claims or losing income because of an uncontrollable injury or condition. It was Christine’s desire to have an easy-to-use website both for her not-so-Internet-savvy clients as well as for prospects desperate to find the right representation for their legal conflicts.

We took a simple approach to her website design, primarily keeping a light background so text would easily jump off the pages and maintaining her black and maroon color scheme throughout. Likewise, we used large buttons to entice visitors to click through her site and learn more about Kiefer Law’s services.

Kiefer Law Office's new website

Her Home and Areas of Practice pages are sectioned out to highlight certain aspects of what she does and to encourage visitors to navigate through the site for more information on her practice. Each page even has a Contact Form at the bottom to make reaching out to Christine as easy as possible.

Christine additionally wanted her site to optimize well for specific key terms related to her practice. To accommodate that, we added a blog to her site where Christine posts articles providing answers to commonly asked questions as well as useful information her potential clients might use to navigate their stressful situations. That way, when prospects go to search for her service online, her blog posts will show up and direct more traffic to her site. And the more she posts to her blog, the more “doors” prospects can use to enter her website. More doors = more visitors, and more visitors = more clients.

In addition to what’s highlighted above, Kiefer Law Office’s website features include:

  • Mobile Friendly Design – Adaptive Templates
    Websites that are mobile-friendly with adaptive templates will be served more often on search engines to people using their mobile devices.
  • Custom WordPress Theme
    With Custom WordPress Themes, the website design is unique and the structure is flexible, scalable, and easily manageable. Let’s just say websites with custom WordPress themes aren’t forced to reside inside the box.
  • Safe Site Plan
    The Kiefer Law Office website is enrolled in our Company Safe Site Plan, meaning we’ve enhanced the site in an effort to offensively protect it from hackers. We backup the site daily, maintain regular WordPress and plugin updates, monitor site activity and link function.

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