All-around Family Business

Husband and wife team, Kent and Leasa Brosseau bought Kimberling City Plumbing in 1991. Since then, they have grown into one of Missouri’s most experienced and dependable plumbing companies. Whether you’re a contractor or a homeowner, their reliable team will complete the job from “dirt to done.” You’ll be happy with their work and they’ll be happy to do it for you. MayeCreate really enjoyed working with Kimberling City Plumbing to build an exceptional website for such an established business.Kimberling City Plumbing Homepage

Captivating Design Elements

The icons below the opening photo have a really stylized look to them that mirrors the design of the logo. The icons are visually appealing and easy to digest when visitors can put an image with a specific type of service. Furthermore, the icons add a nice touch to the overall simplicity of the design as well as the feel of a plumbing website.

The site uses subtle animation to add interest to pages. In the navigation, the hover from transparent to solid on the three yellow buttons highlights them without overdoing it. The services with the icons ease up as your scroll over them and change color. Within the pages of the site, slideshows add interest and movement as well without being distracting.

The original imagery of friendly staff members really set off this site. The imagery is colorful and crisp. If feels welcoming and authentic. The about page does a great job sharing a mix of old to new photos of the company through time- family and professional. It tells the company story in a simple, direct and visually driven manner. I like that they show images of their staff along with the services and contact information.  It helps you know who you’re speaking with and put a face with a name.

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