Generally speaking, LinkedIn is a great place for businesses and career professionals to connect. What makes LinkedIn so great? It’s a lucrative platform for networking, sharing valuable industry news and content, reaching senior-level influencers and decision-makers both present and future, career searches, gauging new employers and new hires…the list goes on.

With all of its growth and expansions in the last few years, some users struggle working with LinkedIn and with marketing their brand through the network’s advertising platform. These 9 tips ought to help just about anyone with their LinkedIn profile maintenance and marketing plan. 

1. Make sure your profile is 100% complete and accurate.

This one’s easy, right? Using complete, accurate, and consistent business information ensures legitimacy and builds trust with your customers. Does your storefront name match your Google listing and your LinkedIn profile company name? Legit. If not, update your profile with the most accurate and widely-used information, and double-check spelling and grammar to be safe. There isn’t much out there that’ll kill trust more than a blatant typo in your business name… so… like… don’t do it. 😄

Also, you might decide now whether or not you want to update your settings so that people aren’t notified every time you make an update to your profile. Those alerts can get annoying, but they’re also an awesome (and free) way to get in front of people. I recommend determining how often you plan to make changes to your profile so you don’t overwhelm your followers. Will you be updating your cover image once a month or once a day? Too many company changes can be a red flag, even if it’s just on a social media profile.

2. Optimize your page for search engines.

Having a well-optimized company page can help you get noticed not only in LinkedIn searches but also on search engines. Good SEO practices ultimately drive more traffic to your site, and more website visitors means more leads, and more leads means more closed business… 

Using the right keywords within your company description can give your prospects a clear idea of your product or service, so choose them wisely. Put yourself in your prospects’ shoes and think about what keywords or phrases they would use if they were searching for what you offer. Spice up your profile and posts with content that resonates with those keywords and phrases. Oh, and don’t forget to include a link to your website to connect your visitors to your online home base. 

BONUS: You can also optimize your page by making sure the LinkedIn profiles of your employees are up to date and consistent with your company page across the board. So get on that office-wide memo, stat!

3. Keep things interesting. 

Boring profiles are… you guessed it: boring. Make yours interesting, eye-catching, engaging, even humorous in some way if that represents your brand well. The idea is to keep your visitors engaged while they’re scrolling through your profile. Use vibrant colors, share interesting information, fun facts, and media that speaks directly to your target market’s interests, and don’t be afraid to lighten the mood with a good meme (but do your best to keep it classy…after all, this is a network for professionals).

4. Spread the LinkedIn love.

Social media karma is real! You get back what you give, my friend. By recommending others on LinkedIn, you can increase the awareness of their profile. And the more you provide positive engagement with others, the more you’ll get in return. Can’t hurt to try, right? 

Joining LinkedIn groups is also a great way to engage with others help put your company out there for people to see. 

5. Show and tell with videos.

People are more likely to purchase your product or service after watching a video than just seeing a picture. Record your product or service being used in short videos (15 seconds or less) and share them on your LinkedIn feed. Videos from company events are an ideal way let your audience see your company culture. You could even film a testimonial or two of your employees sharing what it’s like to work for you, or your clients praising the work you’ve done for them. It all just depends on your LinkedIn marketing goals. Or do it all!

6. Make your updates short and sweet to encourage click-throughs.

If you’ve got your page setup to alert your connections when you update it or share a post, it is extremely beneficial to push your posts from other platforms to LinkedIn as well, as long as its appropriate for all of the platforms (artsy-fartsy content doesn’t perform on LinkedIn the way it would on Instagram, so no real need to push your pretty picture posts out to LinkedIn if it doesn’t serve any real purpose other than to make people go, “OOOOooooh!”). You can always tweak posts from other platforms to be more LinkedIn-friendly, too, to help make your content stand out and increase clicks. Can’t hurt to throw in a well-placed emoji, either. 😉

7. Be your own social media team.

Devoting time every day, or at least a few times a week, to engage with others on LinkedIn and share content on your page will give you a greater outcome for your time investment. Like I mentioned above, you can recycle content from any of your other marketing endeavors to spread your marketing message on LinkedIn. You could also check out what other industry leaders are sharing and give it a positive reaction, or share great posts from influencers you follow online. 

And, of course, write your own content, too. Or hire someone to write it. Novel idea.

8. Add a “Follow Us on LinkedIn” call-to-action on your website and on your email signature.

Seems like a big ol’ DUH, doesn’t it? A lot of these tips might, and that’s good! It means you’re pickin’ up what I’m puttin’ down. Inviting your website viewers and email recipients to follow you on LinkedIn lets them stay connected with you to updated on what you’re up to. 

9. Evaluate your page results.

Review your page results to see what content is working and what’s not. What gets engagement and what doesn’t? What times work well for post? Evaluate your audience — are these the people you want to talk to? Based on your assessment, you can make changes as needed and start tweaking your content strategies to engage the audience you’re after. 

Are you linked in to LinkedIn?

I think it’s safe to say LinkedIn is going to be around for some time, so if you haven’t yet, I strongly recommend taking advantage of its free resources and connections (or paid, if you need them) with the tips outlined above. What’s the worst it could do? Get your company noticed by a few more people? Sounds just awful… 😉

Ultimately, the sky’s the limit on what you can do on LinkedIn. Just remember, as with any platform, keep things updated, interesting, informative, well-rounded, and true to your brand, and you’re sure to catch the eye of a prospect or two.

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