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If you’re a business owner, your brand probably means a lot to you. Choosing to update it is a tough, sometimes scary decision. But the truth is that brands become outdated, and you’ve got to keep up with your competition. A major part of your brand is your logo. Here are four major logo updates within the past year:


Facebook: Subtle Changes.

Facebook's Old Logo

Facebook's New Logo

So subtle you may have missed it, Facebook updated its logo for its 500 million users earlier this year. The company removed the light blue line at the bottom of the old logo and made the “f” larger.

This update was purposeful, because the larger “f” is easier to see in tiny social sharing icons. The simplified logo is also a step towards a more cohesive brand, as it was introduced along with similar icons for privacy, security, universities and more. The new logo didn’t deviate from the social media brand that millions of people recognize. It just cleaned it up.

Accessibility Logo: A Movement.

Old Handicap SymbolNew Handicap Icon

Symbols can be a vehicle for change. The new accessibility symbol adopted by New York City started as a street art movement to replace the handicap sign originating from 1968, which is a passive depiction. People involved in the movement placed stickers of the new symbol over the old symbol.

Sara Hendren, a Harvard graduate design student and co-creator of the project, said, “An icon, an image, a symbol, can be a really powerful kind of seed for much larger efforts.” You can find a breakdown of the new, more active symbol here.

Wendy’s: Time for Something New.

Old Wendy's LogoNew Wendy's Logo

Hamburgers weren’t the only thing that was old fashioned about Wendy’s old logo. It was almost 30 years old when a replacement logo was revealed in February. The new logo features a less confined, more vibrant Wendy. It came with plans to renovate restaurants to offer more natural lighting, menu additions, flat screen TVs and a variety of seating options.

Though a drastic, modern change, the new logo still retains some key features of the old logo. These include the girl, the red color and the upward wave of the font. Wendy’s reported an increase of 3.2% for same store sales in the third quarter due to the logo change. The logo, along with other branding changes, signals a change into the future for Wendy’s as a higher-quality burger chain. Wendy’s said goodbye to 1938. What year would you like to say goodbye to?

Bing: A Cohesive Brand.

Old Bing LogoNew Bing Logo

The new logo Bing released in September, “was created to be simple, real and direct,” according to Scott Erickson, Senior Director of Brand and Creative. It was also created to fit in with Microsoft’s other products, featuring a flat graphic to the left of the product name.

The new mark uses a variation of the corporate font Segoe, the cut on top of the “b” mirrors the cut on the top of the “t” in the Microsoft logo and the “i” and “n” are shaped the same as the Windows logo. Since Bing is incorporating more of Microsoft’s other programs into it’s search, it makes sense to incorporate the brand.

Whether you want to clean up your look, cause a societal shift, push your company into the future or build a more cohesive brand, updating your logo could be an important first step. MayeCreate Design offers logo design services. If you’re looking for a way to shake up your business, contact us today.

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