, an online store selling Zippo brand lighters is now live!, an online store selling Zippo brand lighters is now live!

It’s less often that a site will be targeting almost exclusively men, but Lucas Lighters, an online store selling Zippo lighters and accessories does just that. The dark textured background with splashes of burnt orange highlight the masculine nature of the products. You can check out the products available at

“I keep a lighter in my back pocket all the time. I’m not a smoker, I just really like certain songs.” – Demetri Martin


We build ecommerce sites that actually work for you and your online customers. Lucas Lighters utilizes the functionality of CRE-Loaded to offer luxury products. Online shoppers can view stock by category or use the search to find specific items. Even stock that is currently unavailable can be viewed so users know it is carried.


Secure payment processing is of utmost importance, so we worked closely with Tranquility Internet, the web host, to make sure security measures were set up properly. Now, Lucas Lighters is live and ready to take orders! They even accept suggestions for new designs!

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