Since you are reading this article you are either a big fan (thank you), or you recently got a notification or email from Facebook warning you about the upcoming change to the layout of your Facebook business page.

Look familiar?

MayeCreate Answers: Facebook Business Pages Redesign

Things are constantly changing in the online world. What does a template change even mean? More importantly: how will it affect your business? We know that change can be scary, but don’t panic — we are here with some quick and helpful MayeCreate Answers!!

Question #1: What’s happening?

On August 6, 2018 Facebook announced that it would be introducing a series of visual and feature tweaks to the layout of business pages, aimed at making business pages easier to interact with.

Question #2: What exactly is changing?

If you are a casual Facebook user, you would hardly notice the difference. The changes are mainly for the mobile version of the social network. Your tabs may be rearranged slightly on the desktop version (depending on the type of business you run). Here are some before/after screen shots from one of the Facebook Business pages we manage (shameless plug for the wonderful professionals at Restoration Eye Care. Visit them for all your LASIK and vision enhancement needs!).

Before the template change…

MayeCreate Answers: Facebook Business Pages Redesign

And after…

MayeCreate Answers: Facebook Business Pages Redesign

I know — it’s a brave new world, but try to stay calm. The main difference for this service page is the order of the tabs down the left side has changed: the Services, Shop, Offers, Events, Jobs tabs are now visible, and the Groups tab is now hidden.

The changes on the mobile app are similarly subtle. Here is a screenshot of the same, updated service page:

MayeCreate Answers: Facebook Business Pages Redesign

Facebook intends for the redesign to be specific for each business page category, starting with restaurants, local services (seen in the screenshots above) and TV shows. The other custom page designs have been labeled as “coming soon.”

Question #3: Should I change my template?

As you’ve probably seen in your Facebook notifications or email inbox, Facebook intends to unilaterally implement these changes on August 23rd (or “soon” if your page falls under a different category). The good news is that if you don’t like the new template or the tabs don’t suit your specific page you can change it back, or customize the layout at anytime. (At least as of the time of this writing.)

In fact, we changed the template back and forth several times while writing this article to get the before/after screenshots and find the minor differences.

Question #4: How do I do that?

To change or customize the template of your Facebook business page go to your page settings:

MayeCreate Answers: Facebook Business Pages Redesign

Then select the “Edit Page” tab. Under Edit Page you will be able to select your template (press the “Edit” button to switch between templates), or edit/customize your pages tabs:

MayeCreate Answers: Facebook Business Pages Redesign

When you press the Edit button you will be given a list of template options for your page. Scroll down and select “Standard” if you want to revert your page to its original look.

MayeCreate Answers: Facebook Business Pages Redesign

Here the “View Details” button can be used to see a list detailing what will change when you select a new template.

Question #5: This doesn’t seem like a big deal. Why is Facebook upsetting my happy life?

These changes aren’t aimed at altering the way businesses interact with Facebook. The changes are geared towards making features like recommendations and job postings more prominent. It’s already the center of my life, but Facebook continues to try to be all things to all people, and is making these changes in the hopes of competing with more specialized platforms like Yelp.

Question #6: Are these changes in anyway insidious or evil?

Time will tell.

Last Question: How do you keep up with all the constant changes to social media?

We don’t have an insider at Facebook either, so for this article we found Amit Chowdhry’s Social Media Roundup at Forbes.com to be particularly helpful. In general there are a plethora of resources online to help keep you up-to-date, including useful blogs (like this one!) and podcasts. Poking around on Facebook every day helps too.

What do you think of the Facebook template changes? Was there anything we missed? Do you have a social media resource you would like to recommend? Let us know, you can get in touch with us here on our site, or you can reach out to @MayeCreate on your social network of choice.

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