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MayeCreate Design helps CoMo businesses make lasting impressions online

Young, local design company creates websites for other local businesses.


June 10, 2010 | 12:00 a.m. CST

Laughter echoes in the polka-dotted Rogers Street loft where the four-person staff of MayeCreate Design takes a midday break from designing client websites and printed material. Shortly after, the team puts music on, and the young designers are back to work.

“We’re laid-back, but we’re responsible,” says Monica Maye Pitts, the owner of MayeCreate and a Columbia native, about the atmosphere and philosophy of her business. “We’re not stuffy, we’re not flashy, but we’re honest and down-to-earth.”

Pitts graduated from Rock Bridge High School in 1998 and from MU in 2003 with a degree in agriculture. In high school her mom forced her to take a Web design class, and she found her niche. Pitts took two more design classes in college and used her skills on any projects she could. An interest in graphic design and encouragement from her entrepreneurial family led her to start MayeCreate.


The company’s staff collaborates to design websites, business cards, logos and other print material. To start the three-month process of designing a client’s website, Pitts and Senior Project Manager Danielle Abt have a consultation to determine their client’s needs and how MayeCreate can help him or her. Then the staff decides on an initial design concept. From there, designer Nick Lower, senior designer Lindsay Spillars and Pitts take turns in the design process.

“It keeps a good balance, so everyone has a little bit of input, and it uses all of our creativity together,” Lower says.

If a client already has a logo and color scheme, MayeCreate focuses the design around those. “Sometimes we go take pictures of an office,” Pitts says. “We pull pictures from the décor of the office and use it in their designs.”

She describes one client, Pilates for Every Body, with a Zen waiting area with bright colors and an energetic feeling. MayeCreate employees took those elements to create the company’s website and brochure. When the business moved to a new location, its owner based the interior design on MayeCreate’s brochure. But to Pitts, it’s not just how the page looks. “A good website is a marriage between art and function,” Pitts says.

MayeCreate began designing on retainer for First Tier Realtors. First Tier franchised into White Group Realtors in 2007 and no longer needed the work that Pitts and her team were doing. MayeCreate then became independent by expanding its clientele and moving into Pitts’ home. Growing success allowed Pitts to hire Abt, and in 2008, the staff moved into its own office.

“I went from managing seven or eight projects at a time to managing about 50 right now,” Abt says.
Although Pitts tries to attend at least one networking event a week, a lot of her clientele comes by word of mouth. MayeCreate has designed websites for Hemingway’s, Salon Nefisa, Tropical Liqueurs and Room 38.
“I wasn’t overly excited about (the first proof),” says Billy Giordano, owner of Room 38. “I gave them some examples and more direction, and then they nailed it.”

MayeCreate attempts to bring clients exactly what they want, and the group’s familiarity with mid-Missouri gives it more of an advantage over out-of-town design firms. Room 38’s website was originally created by a friend from New York, says Giordano. “But that person wasn’t readily available to update and maintain the site, so I wanted to find someone local that I trusted.”

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