We’re stoked to announce that MayeCreate Design has officially been recognized as one of 11 preferred web vendors for the University of Missouri facilities and departments!

Making the cut was no small feat…

University of Missouri-Columbia, Mizzou, MU, the University…these names are easily recognizable if you’ve been in mid-Missouri long. That’s because it’s Missouri’s largest and most all-inclusive university, one of only 60 in the nation on the list of prestigious members of the Association of American Universities. Since its founding in 1839, Mizzou has been providing higher education and research to a student body and staff that represents all Missouri counties, all 50 states and 120 countries worldwide.

They’re a pretty big deal.

Upon receiving an invitation to submit a proposal for official University of Missouri web vendor selection, we immediately knew our work was cut out for us. Being approached by a hugely impressive entity like the University meant we’d need to create an equally impressive proposal if we wanted to even be considered as a final selection.

Clearly, what we submitted did the job, because we made the list!

Why choose MayeCreate Design?

Our submitted proposal outlined our process, stated our capabilities, described our staff and roles of each member, and presented a few of our most successful projects and outcomes.

Rather than copying and pasting everything we included in the 59-page proposal, here are the highlights:

We offer a personalized development experience for organizations needing development on a tighter budget or timeline. We learn each client’s needs so that we can plan creative solutions to meet their goals within their budget. We’re an ideal choice for University Extension departments, project or grant-driven websites, and smaller departmental websites and feel confident we can maintain overall visual design stipulations while still producing a design reflecting the unique nature of each University entity.

Just as importantly, those entities will feel like a priority when working with our firm. Smaller websites aren’t just a courtesy we extend to our large clients, they’re what we do. We pride ourselves with the ability to perform all website development tasks in-house using an ideal, flexible and timely process.

A preferred MU web vendor? What’s that mean?

We’re what you might call “pre-approved.”

When MU entities have website development and support needs, they often use outside vendors to take on the task. Typically, these entities are required to go through a request for proposal (RFP) process before they can continue working with the selected outside vendor. This process can add to the project timeline considerably. With this list of preferred web vendors, MU entities can forego that process and jump right into the planning stages.

Preferred vendors help expedite project timelines.

As mentioned above, our recognition as a preferred vendor means the University recognizes us as a vendor that adheres to campus standards and requirements, so when MU entities come to us with project proposals, they can avoid the formal and often time-consuming process they normally have to go through to secure a project proposal. Again, we’re “pre-approved,” which helps University facilities and departments who work with us move through the initial project phase more quickly.

We know the ins and outs of the University standards.

Given our past experience working with MU organizations and departments, we understand University specifications and abide by the Mizzou identity guidelines to create websites that follow University branding while maintaining a look that’s unique to each department we work with.

Past University of Missouri Projects

  • Tiger Institute for Health Innovation
    We’ve completed a number of projects for the Tiger Institute for Health Innovation, including the re-design of the website in 2015 as well as visual style enhancement of the Gateway to Health user interface. We also consulted with the Alcohol and Drug Education for Prevention and Treatment team to design and develop the ADEPT website.
  • Midwest Energy Efficiency Research Consortium
    This project began with a consultation for naming the organization. Once the name was determined, we moved forward to plan a website that would appeal to several audiences with a page dedicated to each individual consortium program.

What’s so awesome about being a preferred MU web vendor?

We’re on the front lines.

Well, for starters, this list of preferred web vendors has been shared with all University departments, so when it’s time for an MU facility to select an outside vendor for a project, our name is given to them along with ten others as a starting point for selection, thus increasing their odds of choosing us.

We’re hanging with the big dogs now.

The list of preferred vendors includes extremely qualified companies from all over the country, businesses like Modern Tribe, who builds software and provides technical solutions for fortune 500 companies, and Americaneagle.com, responsible for creating the cutting edge mobile experience integrated with the Green Bay Packers NFL website! We’re also up there with local companies like  Delta Systems here in Columbia, known for their award-winning consulting and web app development, and AtomicDust in St. Louis, who helps clients recognize their true brand and teaches them how to express it in innovative ways.

A Huge Honor for a Small Company

This recognition goes to show whether you’re a large firm in a small town or a quaint operation in a big city, opportunities can and do present themselves. Why not take hold of them with both hands?

We’re glad we did. It feels good to be recognized for the work we do, to be on a list of highly-acclaimed web developers, marketing teams & consulting firms. So, congratulations to everyone who made the cut! We’re honored just to have our name displayed with yours.

Also, a huge thank you to the University of Missouri for thinking so highly of us and granting us this esteemed accreditation. We’re looking forward to the opportunities your recognition brings!

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