2019: Re-emersing, Upgrading, Strengthening

Fine-Tuning Online Marketing

First and foremost I am most excited about Julie coming back from maternity leave.  Whew! It’s never bad to walk a mile in another’s shoes and I have certainly enjoyed being “re-emersed” into our clients’ Google Ads accounts.  Renewing my acquaintance with the data, which I love, and seeing all the places we could try another tactic to tweak and improve the campaign results. I think with this fresh set of data ticking away in my skull I’m prepared, with Julie and Dana’s  help, to fine tune our online marketing processes this year. I want to put our skills to work and make the campaigns we run for our clients creative, easily trackable, money making ventures.

On the Home Front

Mike and I are thinking 2019 is the year to get a fence (it’s about time) to keep the dang dogs in our yard and out of the neighbor’s.  Know a good fence builder in Columbia, MO? Somehow, even with all our construction clients, MayeCreate doesn’t have one that specializes in fences!  Go figure.

The other home projects we are starting is a master bath remodel **sigh** not my idea of a good time but necessary, and purging. Mike set a goal of donating or trashing one item in our home a day this year and I am so on board!  So far we’ve made it through the baby stuff, my closet and the toy room. Next up: linen closets. Anyone need some old towels?

In the Air

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you’ve likely seen me flipping around in my aerial yoga hammock.  I think I’m really getting the hang of it! To take it to the next level I’m now taking aerial silks classes, which are basically the equivalent of training to join the circus. While I don’t think my role at MayeCreate will allow me to actually join up with a traveling troop I do hope to participate in the showcase next year so I can show off my aerial skills to my kiddos!  Maybe by showing off my aerial superhero skills to the girls I can impress them into brushing their teeth without complaining. OK, that may be a bit lofty but a girl’s gotta dream.


2019: New Year, New Me.

That’s the cliche right? But, it’s true!

I’m honestly looking forward to continuing to grow as a developer and designer this year. I have big plans to continue making headway in more coding languages, so MayeCreate can offer even better, more dynamic, features to our clients. JavaScript is, of course, first on the docket. Java used to be my jam! But, like most things from school, if you don’t keep using it — you lose it. (Like how I can only remember five words in Spanish even though I took it as an elective for two years. ¡Ay, caramba!) We’ll see where I go from there.

Personally, I’ve also made a vow to be more social. I’m trying to avoid falling into the rut of being a stereotypical, cryptid designer, even though I am very, very good at being a stereotypical, cryptid designer. Look for me to be out-and-about more. Like the Loch Ness Monster. You know, baby steps. Only, instead of spotting a monster, you’ll be spotting a five foot woman who hasn’t seen sunlight in… maybe a week? Baby steps.

So yeah, New Year, new me!

Also looking forward to Animal Crossing for the Switch, but like, who isn’t?

(More) Katie

2019: Say YES to Katie.

What am I looking forward to this year? As I approach the second half of my 30s, I’ve decided it’s time to say YES to:

More Self-Care

At the end of 2017, I started going to hot yoga at Sumits, and despite the amount of time it took for me to be able to fully commit, I’ve been practicing 1-2 times a week for a few months now and LUUURVE IT.

For Christmas, my husband got me a new yoga mat (that’s way better than the cheapie Walmart one I had), a non-slip microfiber towel/hand towel set, and a wicked awesome yoga bat that holds it all for me! I realize I sound painfully cliche when I say this, but it really has taken my practice to a new level. 😌

More Traveling

My family and I typically take a week-long out-of-state vacation every year, and this year we’re actually taking a Spring Break vacation… Something I’ve never, ever done…

In late March, my family and I are headed with our friends and their kids to Destin, FL to enjoy some much-needed relaxation with the family and gulf-side beach action. We’re staying in a charming house where all the parents get their own master suites with king-sized beds (another example of where self-care is important…).

Then in August, I’m going with my twin sister, coworker Erika, and her twin Andrea to the Twins Days Festival in Twinsburg, OH, (it’s a real thing, I swear) where we’ll meet other twins, participate in a volleyball tournament, share our twin talents with other multiples from around the world, and who knows what else… NBD, just something we’ve been talking about doing for 2 years now… so… totally stoked. 😆

More Love

I’ve been through a whoooole lot in my life. Like a lot… and as I get closer to 40 (😱), I’m taking the opportunity to truly examine what and how I contribute to the relationships I have and what I can do to be the person I want to be. This means both giving more love and making room for the love others show me, which is surprisingly hard! But with the amount of guidance I’ve received over the years, I like to think I won’t feel that way by the time 2020 rolls around. 😉


2019: Busy, Busy, Busy.

I’m looking forward to a very full 2019.

Volunteering, Community Service & Beer?

My Rotaract group is hosting a brand new event at Logboat Brewery this year! Mark your calendar for June 23rd from 1-5 pm, because you will want to join in on the festivities to help us raise money and awareness for Mobility Worldwide – Missouri, Columbia. We will have Mobility Carts available to ride, live music and of course beer (and food), amongst other fun activities! Did I mention you get to ride the carts? I mean, who doesn’t want to ride those every year when you see them cranking away at the Homecoming parade? Support a good cause and come try it, we’d love to see you there.

Travel, Travel, Travel

I am also going to be doing some traveling this year. My twin sister will (eventually) be moving to Austin, Texas (keep it together, Erika). So she is going to take a mini-trip down to check out the Austin scene, and I will be tagging along for the fun.

We will be spending a week discovering what Austin has to offer, and hopefully listening to some good music. If you know of any hidden gems in Austin let me know!

And of course, since you’ve just read Katie’s post, you know I am venturing to Twinsburg Ohio for the TWINS FESTIVAL!!! My mom has been pushing us to go to this for yearrrrrsss. I think she is secretly hoping we find a pair of twins to marry (insert eye-roll).

If you follow Katie or I on Instagram, I’m sure you will be seeing a lot of twin pictures in the near future…

Family, Family, Family

And lastly, I will be going to Sam A. Baker State Park for my bi-annual family reunion. I’m always looking forward to this trip! We have been coming to Sam A. Baker since I can remember, and not much has changed. There are no tv or internet, and the cell reception is spotty at best. It’s great!

We sit in and/or around the river all weekend, and just catch-up with one another. There is usually a 2-3 mile float trip planned as well. It’s a small float, but we seem to make it last all day. No sandbanks go un-visited along the way!



More Quilting!

And of course, I am looking forward to MORE QUILTING!! I just put up a design wall in my spare bedroom, which has now officially been deemed my craft-room, and I have multiple quilts in the works for 2019.

Look out world!


2019: Intentionally Healthy & Happy

The above is my mantra for 2019. I realized that for the last 7 years I’ve taken care of infants or carried babies in my body, except that one year when we gutted our house and added on ⅓ more square footage. To say that I’ve been 100% myself would be a grotesque overstatement. So in 2019, I’m going to pour into myself! My goal is to fill my cup so much that it pours over to those around me. I plan to listen to a million podcasts (another overstatement) about personal development, attend a personal growth conference or two, workout almost every day, and love on everyone around me as much as possible.

With personal growth always comes business development! I’m looking forward to a year of growth at MayeCreate as well. We have our online marketing division under our belt and our website division runs like a well oiled machine, most of the time. Both divisions are growing and I couldn’t be more thrilled. A pet project in 2019 is going to be developing a training division of MayeCreate to launch in 2020.

Exciting things to come both personally and professionally!


2019: I’m Not Changing Anything

Call me stubborn (or set in my ways), but I think life is pretty great the way it is, and that’s why I’m dedicating 2019 to staying exactly the same* and not changing anything…

Still, there are a few things that, if forced to admit it, I would begrudgingly admit to be looking forward to…

(Not necessarily in this order.)

Spectator Sports

If you’ve met me you probably noticed my thick, Canadian, accent, eh? Okay, maybe not that thick… But as a former resident of the six ( Toronto, Ontario) I’m particularly looking forward to an exciting season of sports television viewing this spring. With Lebron James out of the Eastern Conference could this be the year Kyle Lowry and the Raptors finally break through and make their way to the NBA finals? Will Vladimir Guerrero, Jr live up to the hype and lead the Blue Jays back to their former glory? Is it sad that I haven’t mentioned the Toronto Maple Leafs and the fact that they might be good for the first time in my adult life? If you need me, I’ll be on my couch! Exciting times indeed.

Content Development

We took a major step forward in our content development process here at MayeCreate Design over the past year. Our blog has always been world class, and a major reason why so many people visit our awesome website every month (do you blog? You should blog). But, over the past year we’ve increasingly upped our content game. Adding visual elements, experimenting on social media and relaunching our own YouTube channel to help our clients get more out of their marketing. Have you watched Monica Pitts try to stay focused and on-point while speaking about a subject she’s passionate about? She can’t do it! Subscribe to our channel. It’s informative and hilarious.

Wedding Bells

Might be burying the lead here, but the thing I’m most looking forward to this year is just a little party my beloved and I are planning out in California this summer… No big deal.


2019: The Year of Experiences

Just as we approached the end of January, my wife and I competed in our first powerlifting meet.

I ended up lifting more weight on both my squat and deadlift than I ever really imagined I could and placed 4th in my weight class (473lbs on squat, and 523lbs on deadlift), and it left me wanting more! I’ve got the itch more than ever to train and get stronger. Christi had a truly amazing day, she not only got first in her weight class, but she also qualified for nationals. Which means in October we get to go to Chicago!

This year will be full of little trips: At the beginning of March we’re going to The Arnold Sports Festival 2019 in Columbus Ohio, to watch some of the strongest people in the world compete. It’s a massive fitness expo – any and all fitness… anything will be there. We can’t wait.

On a non-fitness related note: Both Christi and I were asked to be members of a wedding party this spring, which means we both have trips coming up for bachelor and bachelorette parties respectively. It’s just going to be a lot of traveling early in the year, and I couldn’t be more excited!

Professionally I’m looking forward to refining our web design process. At MayeCreate we’re always evaluating (and re-evaluating) the way we build our websites, enabling us to build bigger and better things — but in an increasingly efficient way.

It’s looking up to be an excellent year.

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