Bill and Karis

Hey! My name is Bill Chlanda (Clan-da) and I am a front end developer here at Mayecreate. I’ve been working here for about 7 months now and love getting to be a part of this team. I am recently married to my wonderful-amazing wife Karis and we have a crazy, insane, cute French bulldog named Mowgli.

Learning Addict

As long as I can remember I have been obsessed with learning new things and skills. As a kid I was known for picking up new things and just diving into them with everything. Most of the hobbies I have kept have had something creative about them. In class I was always drawing something in my notebooks and making art… So, naturally I decided to pursue a bachelor’s of Fine Arts when I went to college. This eventually turned into a BFA with an emphasis in graphic design specifically.

As curious as I am I did consider many other professions and paths. But, I kept coming back to creative pursuits. After graduation I got my first professional job and grew a ton with some really great people. Over a few years though, I learned that graphic design wasn’t how I wanted to spend the majority of my work hours. So I began to dream of something else. 



Testing Out Potential Paths

I started an e-commerce business to test out what that would be like. It was rewarding to step out and learn from my many mistakes and grow trying to do something I had never done before. I briefly considered the military because the discipline and intensity of it seemed attractive but came to realize it wouldn’t be the greatest fit long term. Finally, I landed on programming. It was something I had been playing around with for a few years and after learning about the cryptocurrency and blockchain space I knew that I wanted to build the logic and design behind websites and decentralized applications. I was looking for something at the intersection of, “What do you love?”, “What the world needs?”, “What can I get paid for?”, and “What am I good at?”. The great part is I can still do some design alongside this work.

My Journey To Mayecreate

After 4 years I needed a break to slow down and recover from the speed of life. I learned the reality about human capacity… 2020 was a hard year on many fronts and I was fortunate enough to take a short sabbatical-like period to recalibrate and figure out what was next for me. I got rid of my business, decluttered, and got rid of anything distracting me from the main things in life. Now each weekday I spend half my day with Mayecreate and then the other half working on projects built with JavaScript, React and more. 

Working with the MC team has been great because I can continue to learn, grow and collaborate with very talented and tenacious people who are committed to excellence.




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