Hello there!  I’m Jon Sheltmire, MayeCreate Design’s Special Project Manager.  As in the projects are special, not me. What’s so “special” about the projects I manage?  They’re wide-ranging, unique, varied and primarily internal.  To put it simply, I do whatever is needed to support MayeCreate Design’s day to day operation so the rest of my team has more time to support our clients.  That could be everything from managing our own marketing to supporting designers with site management and even assembling our office furniture!


I graduated from Mizzou in 1995 with an interdisciplinary degree in Theater, Music and Art.  After graduation, my closest friends–all theater people–convinced me to head out to Los Angeles to pursue entertainment biz glory with them.  I didn’t want to go… this was back when all you heard in the news about L.A. was freeway shootings, earthquakes, fires, and riots.  Ironically, I stayed the longest.  Needless to say, 14 years in L.A. didn’t result in super-stardom, but I had a variety of neat jobs.  I worked at Creative Artist Agency (one of the three top talent agencies in the city with clients like Leo Dicaprio, Tom Hanks, Madonna, Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt and a ton of others) as a client hospitality coordinator and Activision / Blizzard games (home of Guitar Hero, Call of Duty, World of Warcraft) as a quality assurance lead and production coordinator.  After my daughter was born (her name is in the credits for a lot of those games), it was decided that Missouri was a better place to raise children, especially since the rest of the family is here! 

Plus, in my experience, it’s a good place to grow up.

Freddy Krueger – drawn by Jon when he was in middle school. No, this has nothing to do with radio.


After returning to Columbia, I spent 4 years at Zimmer Radio and Marketing Group as a Creative Director.  It had never occurred to me at any point to even consider radio as something I could do, but after a good friend got a job producing commercials there I decided to create a couple of fictional commercials as a demo for myself.  I already had my own personal recording studio, so why not?  Well, I got the job.  In my time there, I wrote, voiced and produced over 4,000 radio commercials (you may have heard some of them) for y107, 98.3 the Dove, KCMQ, 93.9 the Eagle, Clear 99 and many more in Columbia and Jefferson City.  My ads were nominated twice for national Radio Mercury Awards and won several Missouri Broadcasting Awards.  I also got to design a lot of graphics for our websites and ads for our magazine publications. 

MayeCreate Design

After spending some time in radio, I was looking for a local marketing company with lots of growth opportunity where I could utilize my experience and talents in a new way.  As luck would have it, I came across MayeCreate Design.  They were looking for someone to take on internal projects so they could stay focused on client projects while the company grew.  Here’s a company with a cause that’s easy to get behind; they build awesome websites for nonprofit organizations.  So, they help people who help people.  I’m in!  If that’s not cool, I don’t know what is.  MayeCreate is founded and run by some really smart, really talented individuals who have surrounded themselves with other smart, really talented individuals.  They say you are the company you keep… so this is a good place to be.  

Life Outside of MayeCreate

When I’m not out scouring the post apocalyptic wasteland for precious gasoline, my hobbies include writing and producing music, photo manipulation in Photoshop, playing video games, spending quality time with my wife and our two daughters (when they’re not glued to their tablets) and occasionally taking family trips to cool places like Disney World.       

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