Meet Julie, our new Online Marketing Manager

Julie with her husband, Kyle

Meet Julie Dworski, the newest addition to the MayeCreate team! Julie will be stepping in as Online Marketing Manager, managing our online marketing campaigns, and helping with account services to better serve all of our MayeCreate clients.

Let’s get to know her better with a light-hearted Q & A:

Q. Julie, hello. Thank you for joining us.

Thank you! I’m super excited to be here at MayeCreate—

Q. Enough chit-chat. Flashback to when you were 10 years old. What did you want to be when you grew up?

Ten-year-old me thought I’d be a veterinarian. I think I changed my mind when I found out that veterinarians usually work on a variety of different animals and don’t get to work exclusively on dogs.

Q. I’m sensing that you really like dogs?

I’ve been obsessed with dogs for my entire life. After living through a few dog-less years in college, I vowed to never do it again. I will always have dogs! Also, they are about the only animal I am not allergic to.

Q. You’re going to fit right in here. Do you have a dog now?

Yes! I have 3 dogs — Diesel, Morgan (Mo), and Reo. And my husband, Kyle… does he count? Either way, he’s almost as cool as the dogs.

Meet Julie, our new Online Marketing Manager

On right from top to bottom: Diesel, Reo, Mo (Morgan)

Q. You weren’t kidding—that’s a lot of dogs... Seems like your house must have a lot going on in an average day. What’s life like for you, Kyle, and your canine companions?

A typical day starts with a dog sticking his face in mine. Usually Diesel, looking for an invitation onto the bed… which he usually gets. (Generally Mo’s already in the bed, because he sneaks up in the middle of the night.) Diesel’s not typically a “cuddly” dog and usually doesn’t ever want to be too close with anyone. He’s like a grumpy old man, if you accidentally invade his space or walk too close by, he’ll grunt and huff away. Except in the morning, when I’m trying to get out of bed, then he wants ALL the attention and affection…

Q. Oh Diesel, what a rascal…

Once I’ve managed to get out of bed, next is breakfast. Eating real food first thing is my favorite part of the day. Don’t try to give me a granola bar or a bowl of cold cereal.

Q. Noted: You hate cereal. So, what do you eat?

I don’t hate cereal, it’s just not breakfast, it’s a snack. Usually I’ll make an egg sandwich — or if I’m feeling really fancy, I’ll make waffles or pancakes. I love breakfast. The only downside is just getting to eat it once a day.

Q. Breakfast or dogs? You can only choose one. Go!

I’ve been trying to add 20 minutes of yoga to my morning, but it hasn’t been sticking lately. I think it’s because I tried to put it before breakfast, and that just won’t do.

New goal: breakfast, then yoga.

Q. You contorted yourself out of that question masterfully. Well done. Other than dogs and fancy breakfasts what else are you passionate about? Do you have any particular causes you try to devote your time to?

There are so many things I care about, I have to remind myself that taking a stand for one thing doesn’t mean I care less about the others, it just means this is the one I’ve chosen to make my mission right now, something I hope to make an impact on.

Now, to answer your question—

Q. Thank you.

The environment is my current cause, because trash in the ocean and animals surrounded by litter hurt my heart. Pretty big problem, and to me, making this my cause means reducing my waste.

Q: A big problem, but a worthy cause! What do you do to reduce your waste? Any tips for our readers on ways they can help?

– Recycling (correctly!) and buying recycled products. Because what good is recycling if no one buys recycled products?

– Buying less pre-packaged convenience foods and getting stuff out of the bulk bins when possible. I also try really, really hard to remember my reusable grocery bags.

– Composting food waste (also good for helping my plants grow, and I need a lot of help there!)

– Reducing the amount of things I purchase that I know will end up in a landfill quickly. This mostly applies to cheap plastic things that will have to be replaced, cheap clothes, and junk I probably don’t really want anyway.

– Reusing old stuff. I love to go to garage sales, estate sales, second hand stores, etc. instead of always buying new. It really helps that I like old things and thinking about their life before me.

Q: Great advice! Has it helped you to reduce your waste? Do you feel like you’re making progress?

I’m still working on all of it. Don’t judge me when you see me with a box of mac and cheese, a frozen pizza, and some pre-cut veggies in a plastic sac at the store…

Q. Zero judgment. Okay, last question. What do you most look forward to at MayeCreate Design?

I look forward to getting to know my new coworkers and collaborating on some really cool projects for some really cool clients.

Q. Great answer! We’ve enjoyed getting to know you better. Julie, thank you for your time!

Thank you!

Q. What should we get for lunch?

Is this part of the interview?

Q. No, the interview is over. I’m just hungry.

Pizza? I love pizza. Almost as much as I love brownies.

Q. Okay, I’m leaving that part in. Now the interview is over. Go MayeCreate!

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