Hello!  My name is Mallory Donohue, and I’m one of the newest additions to the MayeCreate team.  I’ve got a rich (somewhat sordid) past in the online world — but Monica and the team seem to appreciate my unique experience.  Hopefully, you’ll find it interesting too!

About Me (Professionally)

I’ve been sewing since I was 5 when my mom (Zede) taught me, and I’ve worked in retail related to sewing or clothing with my mom since I was 12.  I ran our family’s sewing machine dealership, Zede’s Sewing Studio, from 2010 to 2017. As a business owner and retail manager, I learned a lot (maybe too much) about the challenges of running a business.

That business evolved into a completely online venture- SewHere.com– which houses the Sewing Out Loud podcast, sewing videos, a blog, patterns, and more.  This is where I truly earned my online marketing and content creation chops. SewHere is now a community of 20,000 thoughtful stitchers on Facebook, and we get over 10,000 podcast downloads each week.

I love connecting people with what they need through entertaining and informative media.  You can delight, engage and convert your audience with online content- and that’s what I’m most passionate about!

My Family

I’m obviously close with my parents (being business partners and what-not), but I also started my own family, and they are some of the coolest humans out there.  

Derrick Gwinner is my wonderfully thoughtful partner who is constantly calm in the face of my wildly ambitious creativity.  Our best creative endeavor resulted in Zelda (4) and Jerome (2). They are energetic, joyful children who remind me to slow down and enjoy the miracle of our existence.  I couldn’t ask for more!

What I Love About MayeCreate

Don’t tell the boss, but I kind of feel like I’m getting paid to learn as I work at MayeCreate.  Monica and my teammates give honest, useful feedback on my work every day. They challenge me to be more creative and to value my skills at the same time.  

I can’t believe how nice and funny everyone is — they’re even familiar with obscure musical theatre references!  I say that I have a “work twin” named Jason, because we were hired around the same time.

It might sound cheesy and a bit unbelievable, but I love coming into the office everyday to think about online marketing.  Maybe I’ll see you there sometime!

More about the Author

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Mallory Donohue

Mallory Donohue is passionate about helping businesses reach their goals through online marketing and community building. She joined the MayeCreate team in 2019 as a Content Developer and Social Media Manager, and she's delighted to create engaging content for MayeCreate's diverse clientele. In her other life, she's one half of the hilarious and informative weekly podcast, Sewing Out Loud.

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