Also commonly (and lovingly) referred to as:

  • Quimbers
  • Queen Bee
  • Quim Booger, and
  • Little Jerk.

This little bundle of fun joined the Pitts family and MayeCreate team around Thanksgiving last year.

What kind of dog is she?

Quimby is a Havanese, some people call them Havana Silk Dogs. Never heard of it?  Neither had I. She’s actually quite low key for a little dog. I found the breed on the internet when searching for non-shedding, small, family dogs. I wanted a smaller dog this go around. We had two big dogs for years and years until our oldest dog Maybe, a black lab, passed over two years ago. I got puppy fever BAD last year and needed to have just the right amount of dog at our house… and another big dog seemed like it might be a bit too much.

I read dog reviews until my eyes crossed. Small dogs apparently bark excessively and are prone to biting kids. Great. Barking is not allowed at our house and I have two children… then I found the breed description for Havanese.  All the websites said they’re smart little dogs who do great with kids and don’t act like psychos.

In reality she barks some for sure, definitely more than my big dog which acts like she’s mute unless you’re coming into my house uninvited, then watch out!  But Quimby doesn’t yap excessively or bounce off the furniture and jump in your lap uninvited. I met quite a few dogs before adopting Quimby who were considered “high-energy” I’m pretty sure that’s P.C. for cray-cray. Don’t get me wrong — this girl has energy she’s just not zooming laps around my house and acting like a sugar high child at bedtime. And the only time she “bites” my kids is when she thinks they’re playing with her. I’m honestly amazed with all the manhandling (which I do frown upon and correct my children for) Quimby doesn’t lose her patience and tell the kids off. But she just hangs out and plays along. Sometimes like the live stuffed animal they want her to be and other times like a puppy… which is hard for my kiddos to always understand.

What is she like?

  • A lap dog that’s not really a lap dog. She thinks she’s big and needs her own space to be comfy.
  • She is super, super soft. They call them Havana Silk Dogs for a reason.  
  • She likes to chew on big raw hides, colored pencils, small stuffed animals and occasionally wall trim.
  • Quimby’s an overachiever really. She was projected to be 13 pounds fully grown and currently weighs in at 19 lbs at 10 months old.  
  • She has not met a dog she doesn’t love but thinks toddlers are strange.  She won’t jump on or off the bed.
  • She’s patient with a bath but doesn’t have any interest in swimming.
  • Her favorite toy is her mug and doughnuts or any used tissue she can find to shred.
  • She’s a persistent little twerp and won’t take no for an answer when she decides she wants to play with her senior fur covered MayeCreate associates.

What’s Quimby’s job here at MayeCreate?

Quimby is best in her roles of Window Watcher and Desk Sleeper Underer.

Quimby also thinks her job responsibilities include eating office plants and alerting us when people arrive. (Fortunately we don’t have that many visitors to the office.) While she doesn’t consistently perform this task (except for when Travis arrives for work) we did not train her for this job nor approve her for the responsibility. So, currently she’s being cross-trained to join the ranks of Social Butterflies, currently managed by adjunct employee Finn-Pupp. And encouraged to take on the Hold Down the Floor job lead by senior associate Roxie. If she chooses not to take up one of these very popular positions she will be demoted to… Crate Operator.

Hey, we all gotta start somewhere.   

What does Roxie think about the new addition?

Roxie is the nicest, gentlest creature on earth.  She loves other dogs and above all just wants to get along with everyone.  When Quimby came home she wasn’t sure what to make of her other than she was excited to have a dog around.  And then Quimby never left. After a few weeks of Quimby trying to steal her bed Roxie explained the order of things.  Fortunately Quimby is a quick learner. Roxie and Quimby are typical siblings ranging from playing like besties to completely ignoring or annoying each other.  In truth it’s usually Quimby doing the annoying. But if another dog tries to pick on Quimby, Roxie is the first canine on the scene taking up her sister’s back.

What’s with the name?

My favorite books as a kid were the Ramona series by Beverly Cleary.  The apples didn’t fall far from the tree, my daughters also love reading about Ramona Quimby and her adventures.  When I met little brown Quimby with her fur all a fluff and a big dog spirit of adventure I immediately thought of Ramona.  Hence the name: Quimby Ramona Pitts.

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