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Hello!  My name is Rayce Kendrick, and I’m MayeCreate’s newest Project Manager.  I’m part of the growing crowd of people obsessed with business and entrepreneurship, and I’m so excited to now get be around others stricken with the same bug!


Following my first year of college, I finally came face to face with the fact that basketball was not going to be the essential through-line for the rest of my life.  I got an internship with a tradeshow style marketing and sales firm in St. Louis that summer, and quickly became submerged in the business world. I was around extremely fired up and talented people committed to growing at a break-neck pace.  I was hooked. During this time I began to really start self-educating via books, podcasts, and YouTube. Jocko Willink, Patrick Bet-David, Ray Dalio, and Andy Frisella have been some of my favorite business people to learn from. When I came back home I resumed college online.  I was too excited about running businesses and had to find a way to take my ideas and make them a reality, rather than go back to campus.

Big Nasty Pulling Team Logo

Big Nasty Pulling Team, LLC

Coming up with businesses became the primary thing I did for fun, using whatever free time I had left after work and school.  The most fun was Big Nasty Pulling Team, LLC. My younger brother and some buddies were already pulling trucks and tractors, and the dynamic of that group made for a unique kind of humor.  I started pulling tractors with them and we created a YouTube “reality show” and merchandise business. The logo consisted of one of our family’s signature Fordson Majors (pulled for the previous 20 years by my Dad and Grandpa), driven by my brother’s pet possum, Li’l Nasty.

Driving Business through Digital Marketing

Eventually it was clear that I needed to be more focused and patient to ever have a chance of building scalable and sustainable business.  I needed to make myself the best at an industry. Because if I’m the best, I figured, there’s no way I can go out of business. Digital marketing was a skill that would have been invaluable with my previous ventures, and creating content was one of the most fun things I got to do in my previous businesses.  Plus, if I could drive business through digital marketing, that’s a huge advantage to any future businesses I want to start.

With that I spent my senior year building websites with a page builder and helping businesses with their paid and organic social media content. I really enjoyed developing video ads to drive business and tweaking creative elements to drive better results.  But the most fun part was developing a broad strategy, collaborating with clients, and sharing wins with them.

I’ve recently started to get connected with the startup culture in Columbia.  There’s so many exciting things happening and inspiring people here! If you haven’t been to 1 Million Cups at the REDI Innovation Center, and have any interest in business whatsoever, you need to give it a shot!

Contributing to Growth

At MayeCreate I’m  looking forward to being a part of a team to collaborate and grow with.  There are so many crazy-talented people here to learn from and the energy is great.  And with the company growing so quickly, I’m pumped to contribute to growing MayeCreate like it’s my own!  

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Rayce Kendrick

Rayce dabbled in several small business ventures while obtaining his bachelor's degree. He’s obsessed with growing businesses and especially enjoys sharing wins with clients. At MayeCreate he’s ecstatic to be around people who are fired up about business, creative, and knowledgeable! Rayce is looking forward to collaborating with and learning from the minds of MayeCreate to have an exponential impact on a number of businesses.

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