Meet Tim

Hello! My name is Tim Scheman. I’m the new graphic designer here at MayeCreate Design and am ready for the communication challenges that await me. I’m originally from the suburbs of St. Louis, and have  been living here in Columbia since 2008. I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Southeast Missouri State University.

Mayecreate Design provides me with an environment that I thrive in. One second I can making minor changes to a business card or brochure. The next second I can be building a large featured filled website with a large amount of custom programming. Let’s just say the energy and creativity around the office keeps me on my toes.



The Great Adventure to Columbia

Most people take Interstate 70 to get to Columbia from St. Louis, but I took a different route. My wife and I headed out on the graduate school adventure. We moved North on Interstate 55 to Milwaukee, East on Interstate 80 to Baltimore, then further North via Interstate 95 to Boston.



Once reality kicked in, as well as the stress on the pocket book, we decided the Midwest made the best financial sense for us. So we loaded up the truck, got back on the road, and 17 hours later we were on Interstate 70 headed for Columbia.

How I Let Go and Relax

I have several hobbies that keep my downtime rewarding, yet stress free. One thing that I enjoy more than anything is relaxing and listening to good music either on my iPod or at a live show.

I can also be found reading a good web programming book, or the latest creative blog posts on or

I have also recently revived a childhood hobby of model railroading.  Now that I am older, I can enjoy the many different facets of this hobby not known to me as a child. There is the creativity of building your own little world, the technical component of building the track plan and layout and the problem solving component of bringing that world to life.

How the Future looks for Me

I have been making websites and designing graphics for a large part of the last 13 years. With the help of the team at Mayecreate I foresee many more years of design creativity in my future. I love the energy and creativity of the whole team. There has not been a dull moment yet and I don’t think there could ever be one.


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