Support the Ideas, Beliefs and Actions Your Customers Support.

In my quest for a new coffee shop I now know I have found a home.  I had my doubts a few mornings and my husband was opposed at first but is coming around as I bribe him with gourmet beans.

As I walked into the shop this morning I looked to my left.  A blue square of paper taped to the window caught my eye.

I had never seen the icon before but I know immediately what it meant.  And my heart welled in appreciation.  My coffee shop (yes it’s mine now) had taken the time to print out this lovely supportive icon and put it in their window, welcoming nursing mothers to come in, pull up a rocking chair and nurse their babies.


As nursing mother to 7 month old Ellis I have felt the ups, downs and frustrations of all nursing mothers, come close to quitting and yet still drag my pump to work daily.  I’ve felt the support of other moms and websites yet had to pump in bathroom stalls and nurse in dark corners.    To be given the support of a business is a wonderful welcome feeling.

Society tells me, “you should nurse your child, it’s healthier for you and the baby.”  While in fact I hear, “Nursing is best but do it at home, no one wants to see you feeding your child.”  As if the act is some type of terrible PDA.

My mother always told me, “there’s a time and a place for everything.”  I still believe she’s correct, though there are times in a mothers life that time and place are not an option, your baby cries, “EAT!” And you just search for an acceptable location.  Now I know another one.

Moral of the story, I support the coffee shop that supports me.

Thanks again and order some new mugs, I want to proudly sport your logo on mine!


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