Expert Roundup Overview: Online Marketing Ideas for Construction Companies

With the hordes of online marketing enthusiasts on the Internet dishing their advice to the business owners and entrepreneurs of today’s world, it’s hard to know who’s legit and who’s full of it. Luckily Tim Brown, owner of TimBDesign Digital Marketing, thought to wrangle up the experts and share their online marketing advice all in one place to make the search worthwhile. The result? An extensive blog article featuring inspiring ideas for marketing a construction company online to help you grow your construction/contractor business.

When Tim Brown asked us to share our thoughts for the article, we were all about it. We love the construction industry, and our experience with construction companies and contractors in our area and throughout the US definitely gives us something to bring to the table. More on that in just a sec…

We read Tim’s article and want to report there’s some smart advice throughout, people. And we want to share our valuable takeaways with you.

Our Contribution

In Tim’s article, we share the magic of a MailChimp feature created by the smartest humans (or monkeys) ever. The feature allows you to integrate your email newsletter with your website so your latest projects and blog posts are automatically shared with your list via email. It’s brilliance at its best.

The amount of time, energy, and sanity you can save with this integration is insane, plus it’ll help you look as legit as you truly are. If you want to know all about the magic and how to harness it, don’t be afraid to dive into our post and gobble up all the goodness.

The Common Denominators

With seven industry gurus coming together to share online marketing wisdom, specifically for companies in the construction industry, good things tend to happen. Good, good things.

Six common areas of focus seem to reoccur throughout the ideas the other experts share in the Tim’s post. We broke them down accordingly:

  1. Branding & Image
  2. Presence on the Web
  3. Blogging
  4. Social Media
  5. Paid Advertising
  6. Community Contributions

Branding & Image

Take your image as seriously as you do your work.

Dennis Michael with Wake Creative discusses the concept of your construction company’s image, stating bad image means bad news for your bottom line. His advice? Find a good designer who’ll create you an impressive logo and image, one who can help you incorporate your image and identity through your supporting marketing materials. Otherwise, you lose credibility with your prospects, which means missing out on leads and closed business.

Presence on the Web

Get a website if you don’t have one. Feature quality content, and update it regularly.

We’ve always stressed the importance of having a website that shares valuable content. These online marketing experts agree:

  • Robert Robillard with and ToolBoxBuzz says to get a website if you don’t have one already, and once you do, make sure it’s updated regularly with content your audience needs or wants to know about your business.
  • Tim Brown, owner of TimBDesign Digital Marketing and wrangler of the experts, supports this as well. He stresses the words on your site help your potential customers understand exactly what you can do for them. A minimum of 700 words for each service description or page will get the job done, he says.

So, basically it comes down to what we’ve always found to be true: websites are essential for online presence, and content is king.

Create and maintain accurate Google and local online directory listings.

Remember when we shared this tip as one of the ways you can market your business online for free? Both Tim Brown and Alex Genadinik with Problemio mention the importance of online listings as well. Tim highlights how consumers are making purchase decisions differently these days and stresses the importance of being available to them on Google, because that’s where they are. Alex emphasizes local SEO, stating good practice on your website will improve your rank in Google Maps as well as your Google search rank, which in turn lets online searchers find your website more easily.

Social Media

How do folks brag so easily about themselves online? Social media.

Oh yeah, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Someone so much as downs a three-quarter pound burger in 60 seconds and they’re immediately on social media bragging about their amazing ingesting abilities.

The owner of TimBDesign understands the weight a social media post can carry and says to get out there and take advantage of it. His idea is it’s more about exposure than creating a sale and recommends showing off your hard work by regularly sharing your construction projects on Instagram Stories. For maximum exposure, add your logo to your images and a link to your site within your post whenever possible.

Robert with ToolBoxBuzz says creating LinkedIn and Facebook business accounts are right at the top of To Dos with getting your website up and running. He similarly suggests sharing pictures of your jobs on Facebook several times each week.


And on this site there was a blog…

Tim and Robert also agree that blogging is an effective way to generate leads for your construction company online. Tim says blogging allows you to provide prospects with your construction knowledge and answers to commonly-asked questions so you can build credibility. Robert’s focus is on consistency, stating that publishing a minimum of 4 posts a month and sharing your blog post links with your audience is a pro-active way to successfully generate leads online.

Paid Advertising

Using paid ads can help get your construction company to the top on Google.

Alex from Problemio points out the 4 types of local search results you can find on Google:

  1. Ads
  2. Google Map Listings
  3. Local Directory Listings
  4. Websites

See what’s at the top? You got it. Ads. Ads are both listed here first and appear first in Google search results. Coincidence? Doubtful.

Alex suggests paid ads are an effortless way to be found more on Google. We don’t disagree, our only caveat is this: the act of putting up an online ad isn’t hard, the challenge is to target the right people and write good ad copy. With killer ad copy and a well-thought-out target audience, all you have to do is name your price and your ad could put you above the rest when people search for you or your services online.

Community Contributions

Make a difference to gain recognition for your skills.

Mark Buckshon with Construction Marketing Ideas found a single common, simple concept to be true in his marketing and business development over the last 25 years: “Your voluntary contributions to the community and individuals in your marketplace will pay dividends for decades.” He illustrates how joining and engaging with your local and/or online groups and communities provides you the opportunity to gain recognition and appreciation from other members. Over time, the people you work with in these organizations begin to value your passion, dedication, expertise, and industry skills. So, when a member develops a need you can meet through your construction company, they’re far more likely to consider you for the job than someone they’ve never met.

Maggie Aland with Fit Small Business takes it one step further, suggesting local news coverage is one of the best ways to market your construction company, and a well-intended contribution to your community can get you some. Rebuilding homes when disastrous weather strikes, offering your skills to handle household chores for the elderly, or fixing up the local neighborhood playground to make it safe again are great ways to be brought into the community limelight.

Take the Good, Leave the Bad

It’s passionate people like these that make the search for online marketing advice easier, because clearly good advice is out there, you just have to know where to find it. I suppose as consultants, that’s what we’re here for, right?

Thanks to Tim Brown for asking us to contribute, and thanks to the all of the experts who shared your knowledge and wisdom to help construction and contractor companies grow through online marketing. Your commitment and expertise are truly invaluable.

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