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The New Modern Peckham Architecture Website

The New Modern Peckham Architecture Website

Peckham Architecture’s main agenda is to create aesthetically pleasing structures while minimizing their carbon footprints and keeping its inhabitants healthy with sustainable ingredients. Nick Peckham, owner and founder, expresses the idea that “architecture should produce a sense of joy and delight so that when you are in or around a well-thought out building you feel like you’re seeing something you haven’t seen before.” His ultimate goal? To save the world.

It’s all about the work

While P|A designs are complex, they are clean and modern as is his brand new website. The colors of the site utilize the green, white and black of P|A’s logo with few bells and whistles.  The result is a clean, simple, yet functional website showcasing P|A’s projects and facts about the company. (Check out the super cool work pages!)

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