Pinterest underwent some changes over the last month. In addition to improving the look and feel of this photo-based social networking site, these changes are also making it easier for businesses to monitor and improve their presence. These five changes are ones that every marketer should pay attention to:

1. Pin Referrals

Whenever you click on a pin to view it individually, you will see referrals to similar content. There are three sections of this content:

  • Pins from the same board.
  • Pins from the same website.
  • Other pins from people who pinned that picture.

To take advantage of these features, pin pictures from your website onto a personal or company board. Then, when someone looks at one of your pins, other pins from your website will appear in the referral sections.

2. Sharing

The appearance of a pin when you click to maximize it has changed. Now, the number of repins and likes has been moved to the top, making it more visible to the audience. A share button also appears, allowing users to share the pin by Twitter, Facebook, email or their website. To ensure success of your pins, make sure the content is attractive and potentially viral.


3. Bigger Pins

Pinterest increased the width of their pins from 600 pixels to 735. This puts even more focus on the aesthetics of your pins. To get the content on your website pinned more often, include clear, attractive photos that are at least 735 pixels wide.

4. Video Category

The categories menu has been moved to the top left side of the screen, and it now includes a videos category. Now that videos are easier to search on Pinterest, businesses may consider publishing more video content online due to increased exposure opportunities.


5. Analytics

Perhaps one of the most exciting additions, Pinterest is now offering analytics for users who can verify their own website. You can now see how the content on your website is doing on Pinterest.


To get analytics, you first need to set up a business account and verify your website, which is explained in this blog post by Social Media Examiner. Once you’re all set up, click on your name in the upper right corner and select Analytics from the drop-down menu.

You can now see:

  • How many images are being pinned from your site each day
  • How many users are pinning from your website
  • How often your images are being repinned
  • How many people have viewed your pins
  • The number of visits to your website via Pinterest
  • What images or videos on your site are most successful on Pinterest

All of the information in your Pinterest Analytics is downloadable, so you can measure how well your site is doing over time.


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