We all have to agree that websites are almost a demand these days. If your business does not have a website, then you are missing the chance to sell to the majority of people. With websites, you must have certain things, like your business’ name, contact information, and the service you provide. Let’s take a look at these and more a little closer:

Company Branding

You can use a popular layout that entails the current trends, but make sure to personalize your site for your business. It won’t be helpful if your website looks just like the others in the plumbing industry. Add unique touches to both the design and content, maybe create a custom logo, or incorporate your company colors. Whatever you do, make sure to stand out from the crowd!

Real Images of Real People

Make your plumbing website personal by adding your personality. Yes, personal = personality! Share photos of your office staff and on-the-job employees, even family photos add a great personal touch that will resonate with potential customers.

Example of original photography for plumbing websites.

Easy to Understand Text

As I mentioned before, talking in first person can be more personal than talking in third person, because it gives the feeling you are personally talking to each individual website visitor.


Testimonials from your customers also seem to be a growing trend. Visitors today look at reviews much more than they used to. Providing testimonials can showcase your plumbing business.

Example of testimonials for plumbing websites.

Short and to the Point Text

Nothing is more important than having a clear and concise message. Distractions and loaded text can drive your visitors away. Not many people go online to read bodies and bodies of newspaper style text. If they do, then they are remote people! People usually go online to see snippets of information at a glance. Try and incorporate this kind of style into your website by dividing up information into little paragraphs, sidebars and bulleted lists.

Company History or About PageAcronym CTA as Call To Action

Almost every company website has some type of an about page. This is in no way a bad thing. About pages give visitors an inside look to the people who make up your business, from the owners to the workers. Don’t be afraid to share harmless personal details like everyone’s favorite sandwich or movie. Also, if you run a family owned or operated business, then group family photos are a must. Show off your great looking family and your pride of providing for them by running your own business.

Minimal Distractions

Distractions can consist of loud animation or animation with bad timing. An example of what loud animation can represent is a video that immediately plays when you enter the website. When this happens, people are startled and demands their attention. Bad timing can be photographs interrupting text. Don’t insert a photo right in the middle of a sentence; put it afterwards with room to breathe in between.

Prominent Logo & Contact Information

Be careful with straying too far away from the crowd. Yes, it’s important to stand out, but certain trends work for a reason. For example, the biggest mistake you could make for your plumbing website is burying your contact information and hiding your name/logo. Your name/logo really should be at the top of your pages and your contact information should be in a clear spot, not inside a large body of text.

Example of contact information for plumbing websites.

Regularly Updated Content

Whether you update a news/blog section or just add photos of jobs to your site regularly, both humans and search engines appreciate a regularly updated website. Humans, also fondly referred to as visitors, interpret a regularly updated website as a business who cares and takes pride in their brand and image. People know it takes time to update your website and by taking that time you’re sending a message that you care. Search engines also recognize your effort by scanning your website more often for new content and displaying your new content in search results as a reward for your updating efforts.

Example of a blog for plumbing websites.

Responsive, Mobile Friendly Design

A responsive design is almost an essential need for websites today. “Nearly two-thirds of Americans are now smartphone owners, and for many these devices are a key entry point to the online world,” stated the Pew Research Center. If your website visitors cannot access your website properly on their mobile devices, then there’s little to no chance they will become future customers of yours.

Like share followSocial Share Buttons & Social Like Icons

Even though we have all heard it before, I am going to say it again: social media works! If your plumbing business is not on social media, give it serious consideration. Social media can bring a lot of traffic to your website simply because so many people use it. I encourage you to start today; post and engage as often as you can because it will help you. If you are involved in social media be sure to put your social share buttons on your pages and blog content. Also, reserve a spot in your header or footer of your website to invite people to follow you on social media.

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