I’m an aerialist (in case you didn't already know). In aerial, learning one technique can produce endless variations. We marketers often feel the pressure to work harder and keep doing new things in order to meet people. I’m here to tell you - You don’t have to do that. Marketers can also produce endless variations from one technique - I like to call it Reach & Recycle, lets take a look at 7 Reach & Recycle tricks in action in my latest podcast/blog post combo.

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Monica Maye Pitts
Monica Maye Pitts Chief Creative Officer

7 Tricks to Save Time & Perfect Performance

In case you didn’t know, I’m an aerialist. 

Yep that’s me, spinning around in the air to the inspiring music of my choosing. And yeah, it is a LOT of fun!

The cool part is, my aerial performances have taught me something about saving time and improving the performance of my marketing.

Here’s how.

In aerial, you can learn one technique, one move, one principle, and use it to create much more complicated, unique, and interesting moves, without having to learn anything new. One technique can produce endless variations.

Same with marketing. We marketers often feel the pressure to work harder and keep doing new things in order to meet people. I’m here to tell you - You don’t have to do that.

You can recycle your existing content to produce many more variations and reach more people, without having to learn or produce anything brand-new.

You can do this using the Reach and Recycle concept - This helps you plot out the ideal journey of how to turn your audience into donors and customers.

As soon as I tell people their digital marketing strategy needs to include more than one kind of digital medium, they freak out and pepper me with excuses, “That’s too much,” "There's not enough time," or, "There's no way I can afford all of that."

Imagine you’re on the shore of a river. On one side of the water is your audience and on the other is closed business (or a new donor or supporter). You have to build a bridge across the water with your marketing to keep everyone from getting wet. We don’t want a bunch of dripping wet, angry marketers, fundraisers and supporters!

If you’re freaking out right now, give me a moment to clarify — I'm not saying you have use every marketing medium to build your bridge. And you don’t have to publish different content on each to do well. Using the Reach and Recycle concept, you can double-down without investing a massive amount of time and win big by distributing your content to a larger audience.

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Digital Marketing Strategies - Animation of Reach and Recycle content - If you only use one digital marketing strategy, you may miss the opportunity to connect with your target market where they are. If you do all activities, you'll catch everyone you want to reach and are more likely to turn them into closed business.

Let's say your only marketing bridge is social media, and you’re trying to reach women in the workforce like me. You might miss me on social media; I'm not on it that often. I'm either at work or wandering around my house cussing, cleaning up after my children as they systematically trash it.

Now let's say that you take that same content being published on social media and distribute it via email. It’s like insurance, because some of the people in your email list will see it and some people on social media see it. 

That’s the magic of Reach and Recycle. 

Start by building content for your primary and most complicated method of communicating with your audience. This is most likely your blog, newsletter, podcasts or videos. Make that content, then re-purpose it. Flip the message into other mediums to build more marketing bridges. Now let's say that you take that same content being published on social media and distribute it via email. It’s like insurance, because some of the people in your email list will see it and some people on social media see it. Notice I said some — some people see it. Not everyone. Realistically, not everyone is going to open your emails, best case scenario you’re looking at 25%. Causley claims only 10% of your Facebook followers will see your posts on social media. 

Digital Marketing Strategies - Cupcake with purple icing and sprinkles

Which is better, 35% of a cupcake or 10% of a cupcake? I guess that depends on which part has more icing...

(P.S. We just recycled those last 8 paragraphs from our blog post & podcast Digital Marketing Strategies so Good You’ll Want Seconds)

Here’s 7 ideas on how to recycle your marketing content:

If you have a radio show you can convert it to a podcast.

Boost listeners by allowing people to listen at their leisure.

I just spoke to somebody the other day that has a radio show that used to be a live event. And they were like, “Man, this really stinks though. Because I don't know if people are showing up. I don't know how many people are listening. So we’re not sure if it’s working.” And I asked them, why don't you just take a recording of a radio show and make it into a podcast? Because all you have to do is take that recording, upload it into a podcast hosting system, and then you can email people about it. And then you're allowing people to listen to your live event at their leisure. It also allows you to reach more people, because you're giving them more flexibility in their schedule, and your podcast is going out to a different audience than the radio show.

Have you recorded an event you could offer on-demand? 

You can boost attendance and cash flow by selling admission in a quarterly flash sale.

Just like my aerial videos, there are a lot of performances that are pre-recorded now. You can watch them on-demand, just like movies or anything else. So if you have an awesome live event that people might want to watch later, you can package it up, and offer it on-demand. You could even sell it in a flash sale! So this is a way that you could generate revenue for your nonprofit by recycling something that you already have.

Do you have old blog posts you can turn into emails or podcasts?

Bring people to your website by re-sharing popular information they have likely forgotten about. 

How many of you are out there blogging? And you know how much time it takes to blog, right? The concept of repurposing old blog posts is something that I can't believe took me years to figure out. But really, you can take your old blog posts and you can turn them into emails or podcasts or social media posts. 

You think I'm nuts, right? Well hold onto your pistachios...

This year, for example, we were spending a lot of our time making new nonprofit content, and letting our construction content go by the wayside. Well, I pulled up all of those construction blog posts that have been popular forever, and I just recorded them as a podcast. And then we sent them out, just like we do our normal emails. Content two ways!

Because the thing is, people only know you from this moment moving forward. So if they just joined your email list, if they just became a supporter of your cause, they don't know you in the past. So we can use the things that we already have to talk to them. It doesn't have to be new.

Do you have newsletters you can turn into social media?

Save time and make sure everyone sees everything by taking each of the elements from your newsletter and posting about each a few times.

Newsletters are a big one. I've had two different people where I've looked at their newsletters and said, “Holy cow. This is a ton of content. I can tell you spend a ton of time making this newsletter. Please tell me that you are turning this all into social media posts and updating your website with it.” And they don't. 

If you're doing all of that as different content, friends, it doesn't need to be that way. The people that follow you on Facebook might not be the people on your email list. The people that visit your website might not be the people on Facebook, or the people in your email list. So you can use that same stuff across the board. You're doing yourself a favor, and you are doing other people a favor too, because then they get to intake the information in a way that's super convenient for them.

Do you have social posts you can turn into an offering?

Take popular posts from your page or group and make them into an offering to share with your audience, and attract new audience members.

So I had another conversation with a nonprofit this summer who has a super active Facebook Group. People are always posting amazing tidbits of information for each other.  The organization wanted to do an email newsletter, but just didn't know what to put in it. They also wanted to have an offering for people to download to help them grow their email list. Why not consult the amazing Facebook Group for email content? They can take the most popular content people are sharing and put it out in the email newsletter. The information from those post shares and comments, could also be put it into a downloadable offering. 

Do you have social posts you can share in your newsletter or website?

Keep awesome feedback alive by sharing it in your newsletter or on your website.

And I'm not just talking about if you have a social feed on your website. I mean, those are really cool, but they don't live forever. People will go on social media and say really nice things about you in the comments, and tag you in posts - Those are things that you can put in your email newsletter, or on the pages of your website to show people real evidence of the awesome work that you do. 

And a very small bunny trail. Those testimonials should go on your website on the page that makes the most sense.  Not just on a testimonials page all alone.  Because your testimonials are like product reviews on Amazon.  You don’t go to one page on Amazon and sort through all the reviews to find the one pertaining to the item you want to buy.  It’s on the page you’re on right?  Or you wouldn’t have seen it!  Copy Amazon, the system works!

Do you have successful emails you could turn into a nurture sequence?

People only know you from this moment forward but you have so many great things you’ve already shared.  Why not let them get to know you by sharing the most successful ones again?

If you're sending out emails all the time, then you can take your most successful emails, and turn them into a nurture sequence for new joiners. You can even treat it as an onboarding process for new volunteers or new supporters. 

Winter 2020, we did a year-end fundraising training and email template promotion. I had some emails that just had an amazing open rate. I knew for a fact that people wanted and needed that information. So I created a nurture sequence with them.  When new people downloaded something from my website, they got one of my most successful emails each week.

What was amazing is when I looked back on that sequence and how it was doing, those emails had an even better open rate and click through rate in the sequence than they did when I just sent them the first time. People really did want that information!

Here’s my challenge for you: 

Think about the ways that you can reach and recycle your content, using things that you already have that you already know work again and again. That way you don't have to recreate the wheel and can meet those new people.

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