Join us for a conversation with Laura Smith! Laura has well over a decade of marketing experience and has worked with many nonprofits. We will dive into how to ask for donations IN WRITING, her process and how she makes the ask via email and social media.

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Monica Maye Pitts
Monica Maye Pitts Chief Creative Officer

How to Ask for Donations in Writing Using Email & Social Media with Guest Laura Smith

Join us for a conversation with Laura Smith! Laura has well over a decade of marketing experience and has worked with many nonprofits. We will dive into how to ask for donations IN WRITING, her process and how she makes the ask via email and social media.


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Hello, friends, and welcome to marketing with purpose. So I'm Monica Pitts and today I have a special guest with me, Laura Smith and, huh. So where do I start with Laura? Well, all kinds of places because she's super smart. And she's been my friend for many years. So I met Laura because we traveled abroad together in college. And the way that we met is actually quite fun. Because our maiden names are both SC h. So mine's Schumacher. And hers is Shaffer. And so we ended up having to be on the bus together on the plane together, we shared rooms together like all the time, and one of the funnest parts about traveling with Laura is that I've had two semesters of Spanish she had zero semesters of Spanish, and all through high school I had taken French Well, it's a romance language and so I could just speak it, but I didn't have like

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any real vocabulary, so I understood the structure and the composition and the language, but I didn't have the vocabulary. So Laura was in all these beginner classes where they just like fed her words non stop. And so she learned all this vocab, and I could construct things. So we would go around together, and it would be like, hey, Laura, what's the word for newspaper? And she would say, oh, periodico and I'm like, okay, sweet. And then I would ask the vendor for a newspaper. And so we made a pretty dynamic team and ate lots of chocolate cake and drank lots of Coca Cola was while we were in Costa Rica and stayed in treehouses and swam in the ocean. It was awesome. And then, later on, she was my roommate. And it was great. Okay, so then, like, let's fast forward, I don't know, like 15 717 years, and this a few months ago, I was in the car traveling to Norway.

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Dakota because I was going to my grandfather's funeral. And I was calling people to talk to them about this mission that we're on to help nonprofits market themselves, right? And find the success that they need in their marketing plan to continue on and just thrive. So Laura calls me because she was just going to talk and I started talking to her and I was like, Wait a second, Laura. I forgot. You have been doing nonprofit marketing for ever

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since she worked at may create and she worked at may create back in like, way back in the day like 2007 or 2008. And she was an account service person for us and a writer because she's an amazing writer. So um, she agreed that she would come on a facebook live with me, which is so awesome. And and she even works for a nonprofit now as a writer.

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So she agreed that she would talk to us about how to write emails and social media posts to ask for donations because I feel like that like, you know, some people love to write some people are Laura's. I love to write, but I do feel sometimes like that little bit of doubt about writing.

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And then there's other people who are just like nearly paralyzed by the idea of writing. And so I'm hoping that whether you're an experienced writer, and you're just looking for some new ideas, or if you're a person who absolutely hates to write, but has to write, because it's part of your job, Laura is going to help us understand all those things today.

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If you're a natural born marketer, you're one lucky son of a gun. If you're like most people, marketing, especially online marketing is about as appealing as standing in a police lineup.

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Make a team of creatives is transformed websites and digital marketing from craptastic to fantastic since 2005. Our podcast, marketing with purpose makes sense of marketing so you can make purposeful decisions instead of carrying on with the same old crap you've been doing. And now your host, Monica Pitts, founder of may create, what's another episode on how to make your marketing not suck.

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So I think I just did like the longest intro in history.

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But before I jump in, and like replay this facebook live interview with Laura Smith for you, I totally want to invite you to join us for our online fundraising events. Boot Camp. I'm very excited about it. It's like, probably 1112 it's funny that that's the number on demand content for you, answering your questions about doing

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Your online fundraising events. It's got everything from how to run your trivia night to your gala, your five K, you know all the things you have questions about how to add value for your sponsors. I interviewed all these experts. And they're so amazing. I can't wait for you to hear all the advice that they have. And then, I mean to sweeten the pot, really, my team came up with taken bake marketing recipes for your social media and email with templates, reasons why and even a like whole schedule for you to publish this stuff in and just you know, to take the guesswork out of all that promotional stuff that you have to do to run your online fundraising event so that way you can focus on running that event and just use these templates that they made to get people there. I'm super excited about it. It is $20 it is at You may YOUMA.

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E CR ea And now, let's get to business. I can't wait for you to hear everything that Laura has to say about asking for donations via email, and using social media.

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I just gave everybody our complete backstory and history on how we met on a study abroad trip in Costa Rica. A true story

Unknown Speaker 6:31
and how you fed me full of vocabulary and chocolate cake and Coca Cola. And you made sure that all the verbiage was right and everything was in the right order. Yeah, it was so much work.

Unknown Speaker 6:46
It was. Okay, so our topic today is how to ask for donations in writing using email and social media. I'm pretty excited about hearing about it. Actually. Laura, why don't

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kick us off by telling us about yourself. And I mean, how you're so qualified to talk about this topic. Sure, definitely. So I graduated from the best university journalism program in the entire world, which of course is at Mizzou. And whenever I was there, one of my journalism teachers said that marketing and PR is the dark arts of journalism. And I just love that and kind of hung on to that. And so by working with nonprofits, I feel like I'm using my powers for good and even though they are the dark arts and maybe being a little sneaky, sometimes I am using my powers for good, so it's okay. It's totally okay. I'm currently I work for Lutheran Senior Services. And we're a nonprofit that works in senior living. We've got communities here in St. Louis, out in mid Missouri and in Central Illinois, and we're a nonprofit organization. Prior to that, I worked at an ad agency for about 10 years, where all my clients were agriculture clients, all in the nonprofit

Unknown Speaker 8:00
sector. My major client was a nonprofit board, agricultural board. And I actually call myself a little bit of a board junkie. I love boards, I love nonprofit boards. I think that they're really cool. I think the way they get work done, even though sometimes it takes a little bit longer, I think that it's a very good way to do things and to make decisions.

Unknown Speaker 8:21
I am also on a board for our local animal shelter. And so you'll hear me talk about the shelter and about Lutheran Senior Services and some examples today in our conversation.

Unknown Speaker 8:31
And then I also my husband's on several boards, and I'm been known to go to board meetings with him just because I do just I love boards. Monica, I love the board meeting. can't help myself. I don't know if I have ever heard anyone say that. I know it's a problem.

Unknown Speaker 8:48
Usually everybody's like a board. And so it's awesome that you love it. I mean, I feel important when I'm on a board but as a business owner, I get pretty impatient.

Unknown Speaker 9:00
pretty fast. I'm like, let's make a decision. And they're like, I don't know, we should really make sure that we're politically correct about it. And I'm like, why don't we walk as fast as your slowest person on the board?

Unknown Speaker 9:13
Yes. So I know that you are a servant at heart, right? Like that is absolutely you. And like, all the way from being that board member to being a full time employee, so you're like, fully aware of how important writing is to meeting your fundraising goals. But so many people are not writers. And writing really freaks them out. So I thought we try to give them some tips and maybe a little insight into your writers brain to help them understand how you approach making the app. And

Unknown Speaker 9:47
so my first question is, and this is a really big one. Like, I think you could probably give a whole webinar on this, quite frankly,

Unknown Speaker 9:56
if you were to outline what to put into a fundraising app

Unknown Speaker 10:00
Ask email. What would you say the components are like, what should my rubric be? So, um, my first tip is to find a story. Because everybody loves stories. And that's something I think we're seeing throughout so much now, especially in journalism and in marketing and advertising, people just love stories you can.

Unknown Speaker 10:23
I just went away there I am.

Unknown Speaker 10:25
And so, um, you know, really find a story that kind of highlights that ask that you're going to have, but also connects back to your bigger mission and purpose. And so making that connection is really important. And if you find that story, then it's going to write itself, I promise, once you find that really great story, and you can use it in a lot of different ways. So that'll be really great. So after I find that story, and I make sure that's connected to the larger mission and purpose, I then talk about the need. So the story kind of flows into the need and then you want to talk to your supporters about how they can help what specifically Can they do you know,

Unknown Speaker 11:00
Do you want them to send you cat food? Do you want them to send you a gift card to that you can use for something? Do you want them to send you a check? So be sure you're specific about your ask. tie back to that story and then say thanks. It's really that simple. Just four steps. Well, you mean it sound really easy. done it a few times.

Unknown Speaker 11:20
I bet. So, um, now, one of the things that I have heard about, and thought about really a lot in nonprofit marketing, and I'm happy to say that none of my clients actually do this. They don't tell like super sad stories, they're not turning the people that they serve into. Like these really, really sad cases. Most of them are talking about how they're, like, empowering and and like they make you feel like it would be awesome to be like part of this empowerment, right? Um,

Unknown Speaker 11:57
where I i guess i

Unknown Speaker 12:00
I don't know, like, my question is maybe not really a question. But I'm

Unknown Speaker 12:07
like, Where's the line, you know, between creating need, and like finding the story that really makes you feel like you're doing something big, you know,

Unknown Speaker 12:18
I say, the simpler and more genuine and

Unknown Speaker 12:26
kind of you we want to have that overall, like something that everyone can understand, you know, you don't want it to be too specific to where like, I've never even felt that in my life or known someone who would feel that so why would I

Unknown Speaker 12:37
care about that, you know, you want everyone to kind of have that big idea where everyone can kind of get behind.

Unknown Speaker 12:45
Sweet. Okay, so my next question. Okay, so a lot of the nonprofit's that I've been speaking to right now, are a little leery about asking for the donations. Especially the

Unknown Speaker 13:00
Big ones with the COVID situation because there's, there's so much need, and and everybody's hurting in some way or another. Right. So does that like change your formula at all? Or does it just play into your normal? You know? Yeah, so everyone's hurting in their own way everyone is dealing with this on their own way. But at the same time, I think we all want to help more than ever before. And I think if we all have a little something to give, I think we all want to give that right now. Which is really, really amazing. And, you know, at the beginning, I think we all kind of stepped back and said, well, we're just going to put on pause everything because we just don't want to screw this up. And it's weird. It's weird time. But kind of after that, we found some that people are wanting to help, they want to step up. So if you can give them some direction, and especially if you already have some supporters or some people who are kind of interested in your organization, it's a great time to be like, Hey, here's the specific easy thing you can do with Lutherans

Unknown Speaker 14:00
Senior Services whenever this whole thing started hitting we, for a non clinical positions, we were having a shortage of masks. I mean, it was a big problem in hospitals as a problem everywhere. And so and we had this whole group of volunteers who we couldn't bring into our communities likely normally would. And so what we were able to do is put out a call for donations and ask them to come and make masks for us. And so we sent out patterns. We had people who, like, I don't so but you know what, I got a whole thing of cloth, I was able to send that in and they were able to get it to a volunteer who's able to turn into mass. How cool is that? I mean, it was amazing to be able to do that. And, you know, not only did it make a big difference, because it was able to give you know some of our serving staff on our dining staff and our maintenance staff, you know, protection, but it also was able to give this whole army of people who were not being used but wanted to step up and do something, it gave them something to do. And so I wouldn't be shy about it. Maybe do more.

Unknown Speaker 15:00
creative and not ask for money. You know, maybe you have to think of something literal to do. But you know people are people are really wanting to help out right now. So I say go for it. Don't be shy. I'm surprised that you didn't just start whipping out crocheting and math. No, I definitely did a lot of the the ear things that kind of extend them back. So don't worry, I found a way.

Unknown Speaker 15:23
One of the things that Laura and I actually used to do was sit on our couch and crochet like old ladies.

Unknown Speaker 15:31
Yes, it's true. We did it.

Unknown Speaker 15:36
Well, I still like an old thing from time to time.

Unknown Speaker 15:42
Okay, so, um, when you get started writing, what's your process like, tell me your path to like a finished email.

Unknown Speaker 15:51
So I'm a Lutheran senior services. We have a whole team of people who work with our supporters and our donors and our volunteers.

Unknown Speaker 16:00
Which is awesome because they're on the ground. So they know like, what these people, they kind of know how far we can push them. So I always start there, I understand that not everyone is so lucky to have departments like that. So, you know, if you have to put on your different hat and have that little internal brainstorm about, okay, who, who are these people that I'm talking to? Because, you know, we've talked about volunteers, you're gonna have your big donors, you're gonna have, you know, those new people that you're just trying to get out there. And then you have the general public that maybe not doesn't even know about you, but you want to start to talk talk to, so you kind of have to figure out that audience and who are you talking to? And how do you want to talk to them? So, you know, we start start there, set a couple goals. And then again, it's, you know, finding that great story.

Unknown Speaker 16:44
You know, and we don't always especially if you're dealing with people, you don't always have someone who's like, Yeah, go ahead, tell my whole story. Let's get it all out there. It's totally okay to use a composite and, you know, take draw from a couple different ideas and give them a name.

Unknown Speaker 17:00
You know, we did that with our annual appeal letter, and it still works really well, it still came across really nicely. So I don't think it's a bad thing to do at all. If you can't really find that one story or that one person who's willing to be like, Yeah, go ahead and share everything about me.

Unknown Speaker 17:16
And really, from there, the story will totally guide you. Again, just go back to those four steps. Make sure it goes back to your mission, you know, have the Ask Todd tie back to your story and say thanks. Sweet. NatWest says you're the best in the biz. Ah, hi, Matt. I miss you.

Unknown Speaker 17:34
I miss everyone now though.

Unknown Speaker 17:38
Oh, man, it's Yeah, it's real right now. You're my kids jumping around upstairs cuz they're up there. They're just pounding on the ceiling, Danny creatures. Okay, so now how often do you send an email like this to your supporters?

Unknown Speaker 17:57
Again, this is gonna vary by audience. Okay, so

Unknown Speaker 18:00
With our volunteers, and those people who, you know, are truly another arm of your organization, I'm especially pleased I volunteer with like I'm hearing from them, especially right now every week. So those people that you want to keep in touch with and you want to stay on the line, I guess, especially as volunteers and people who really consider themselves part of your organization, you want to be in constant contact with those folks, especially right now and you probably aren't seeing each other, they're unable to come into your organization or come into your building or come see you or, you know, come to that hands on work.

Unknown Speaker 18:32
So those are folks like I said, we I definitely get weekly emails from the places I volunteer, I know that we have a volunteer management system that we're in constant contact with our volunteers.

Unknown Speaker 18:44
You know, with donors and kind of those big ass asks you want to do your appeal so they know when when they're going to hear from you. You know, summer appeal is great. appeals around the holidays or count toward the end of the year, of course, are always good because everyone's starting with those tax numbers and wondering how

Unknown Speaker 19:00
They kind of

Unknown Speaker 19:02
do some different things there. So, and those are things people expect to be getting

Unknown Speaker 19:07
that kind of information that kind of ask is kind of toward the end of the year, November, December, so that's good. So as big as I'd say, you know, twice a year, maybe three times a year, and then those smaller supporters, you know, and those volunteers and people more frequently. So the ones where you're like, Hey, we need some more dog food, you could do that a little more frequently, then you might be like, Hey, give us a couple hundred bucks. Exactly. Mm hmm. And as the need arises, why wouldn't you communicate with them? Right, right. Yeah, people want to help. They really don't, you just got to give them a pathway to do it.

Unknown Speaker 19:43
Okay, so then moving ourselves into social media, like is your process different for your social media posts than it is for your emails? So the great thing about the emails is you do that first because that's your big piece. That's gonna be your big piece.

Unknown Speaker 20:00
You're gonna use for a lot of things. And once you have that, you can break it down into a lot of ways and use that as social media content. So you're not reinventing the wheel, you're not starting over, as anyone on my team will tell tell you, I'm a huge fan of reusing stuff and plug and play as soon as I got that copy, and we're happy with it. All right, great. Let's shorten it up, let's put it with a different graphic and throw it on social media.

Unknown Speaker 20:22
We actually did this with our appeal this fall. And it was really cool because we had a story about Marie. And each section of it. We did a chapter and we released it throughout the day on Giving Tuesday, so people could kind of read.

Unknown Speaker 20:39

Unknown Speaker 20:41
you know, and go here to donate and then kind of by the end of the day, you go through and read her whole story, but you kind of get little bits of it throughout the day. And so we got to hit the people who were online in the morning, people who were checked in over lunch, people who were there after work, people who were late nighters, and we had the whole story there eventually with and we were able to just use the copy basically that I wrote, just

Unknown Speaker 21:00
shortened a smidge. So that's how I do it for those big asks is just write that email first and then plug and play from there. For those smaller ones, it's really straightforward. You mentioned dog food, the shelter that I am on the board for here in St. Charles. They recently rescued 50 kittens from a bad situation down south. And so as soon as they found out they were going down there, they said, Hey, we got a van, we're going to go rescue 50 kittens, we need money. So people sent them. So they went online said here's what we're doing. We're really excited. But we need your help. Some people put in money. And then when they got back, they're like, oh, now we got to that all these cats and we, we got to feed them all. So they put in hey, here's the link to Amazon. And this is the kind of food we like to feed our cats. If you could send us a case that'd be great. Got cases in cases of food so on those smaller ones, I mean, you don't have to have a huge big long story but you know, cute pictures.

Unknown Speaker 22:00
Great picture and a specific ask definitely can do it. No reason. And I mean, giving them the Amazon link is big too, because that makes it easy. I think the easier you can make it for people, the more likely they are to do it. Yes. Make them go through 14 hoops to get something done there. Right? Or if you don't tell them what you want, you've got to I think the more specific you can be people want to help you got to tell them how to help give Liam to the water and let them drink it. Mm hmm.

Unknown Speaker 22:26
Then, okay, so when we're writing monthly social media posts for our clients, one of the things that I look for is like a good mix of story, thinking, and then an ask, When I see too many asks, jammed up into one another. I'm like, Guys, I don't really feel like you're my friend anymore. I feel like maybe you're doing something else. So

Unknown Speaker 22:51
how often do you make an ask via social media? Is it like, do you plan it out? Or is it just yeah.

Unknown Speaker 22:58
So I'm with

Unknown Speaker 23:00
Lutheran Senior Services bars are very much around those big appeals. Whenever we're going to do it. The COVID mask was kind of something special that came up and we're kinda like this is a good opportunity with people who want to do stuff. But for the most part, we really kind of stick to it around those big days. I know, Columbia, you guys have the Columbia como Gibbs here we have give STL day so those are kind of we tend to focus kind of around those days.

Unknown Speaker 23:26
And stay around there, because they're mostly just straight up, you know, donation asks for that kind of stuff. So we do keep that fairly small now on the shelter side board that I'm on.

Unknown Speaker 23:40
It is as it's as it as we need it. So sometimes, you know, you are on there and it's like, you know, every week they're like, Oh, we need this we need this with a lot of those thank yous and a lot of those you know, awesome rescue stories or you know, whenever they're able to match an animal with her forever home like those are such great stories. So you're absolutely right, you got to get the mix in there. You can't be asked asked

Unknown Speaker 24:00
Ask ask, but it kind of depends on your organization what your need is.

Unknown Speaker 24:05
I love this. This is great things.

Unknown Speaker 24:10
Okay, my

Unknown Speaker 24:13
next question, any pointers or how to write the social media asked to make it more successful.

Unknown Speaker 24:22
Again, like I said, the more specific, the better. You got to tell people what you want, you can't just ask them for help. You gotta, you know, buy a ticket to this event, you know, send us an auction item, here's what we need for this event. You know, hey, we need gift cards, say we need cat food, you know, those kind of things, you but I think the more specific you can be, the more comfortable people will be with it. They don't have to, quite frankly don't have to think for themselves and great photos. I mean, you know, we're here talking about writing and how you have to have, you know, the wonderful story and all that but the wonderful photos you know, of that really, really show what you're doing.

Unknown Speaker 25:00
And really, you know, draw people in. I think that's, that's what's gonna grab you, especially on social media.

Unknown Speaker 25:05
Yeah, I. So I was just working with Isabella, who writes the majority really of our social media copy for our clients. And I have a pastor with making a template for our online fundraising event boot camp to give away to people that they can use for different types of social media posts. And so she's like, well, Monica, I just think that we're too focused on the words right now. Because the images and the videos are what's going to make people read this post and I was like, to Shay salesman.

Unknown Speaker 25:38
Let's give them ideas for, you know, the types of images that they can use. And so she was really reflecting your, your, because it's true. I mean, sometimes you click on the really long story, but a lot of the time, it's that image that Yeah, and the cool thing we've done, like I talked about that chapter piece that we did is you can kind of use the banner or the frame. That's where you know, oh, this is

Unknown Speaker 26:00
As part of an ongoing post, or Oh, they're doing a big, you know, give us TL day we do something and kind of everything that week will be themed around that. Um, so that's one way to tie things together if you're kind of spreading them out graphically. There you go. Give them that visual interest to tie them in. Mm hmm. Do you have to make all the graphics and stuff on board? No, Monica, you know, that'd be a mess.

Unknown Speaker 26:20
That would take

Unknown Speaker 26:23
designing capabilities. I don't know. Forever, we never get any posts out the door.

Unknown Speaker 26:30
I mean, I was super, super excited and surprise. Jason or other writer is actually a really good designer. And so I didn't know this when I hired him. This is the crazy thing is if you can write and you can design then the things that you design are that much more purposeful because you are like, crafting them together with the words to actually read the words

Unknown Speaker 27:02
To every designer out there, you got to read this stuff.

Unknown Speaker 27:08
shapes, they're actually words, there's things there. It means something.

Unknown Speaker 27:16
Oh, um, so I, I didn't want to ask you to tell people I forgot to put this in my list of questions about, like the walkin thing that you guys did over at the shelter because that seems so the slumber party. Oh, yeah. Yeah. So um, they didn't This was last summer. And it was shelters all across St. Louis did it and it was. It was just a lock into where we had some board members some local personalities come and they stayed the night in the shelter. And they each got like a power hour to where they were on Facebook Live and they were playing with the animals and they were trying to out fun each other and so it was super cute. I mean, it was just an Of course I was in their PJs, and they had

Unknown Speaker 28:00
Cute little activities for the dogs at night. They're like slumber party ish like they did nails or they would like watch like an animal themed movie or have like popcorn. And it was, it was super cute and it went all night. They ended up raising just crazy amounts of money. It worked really, really well. It was really fun. I mean, would be fun to be stuck in there with all the animals on I know, I take them all home. I would too. I'm not allowed to come, just come. I know.

Unknown Speaker 28:30
One of my friends keeps sending me pictures of animals and I'm like I can't have anymore. We got adaline a guinea pig, the weirdest creature ever.

Unknown Speaker 28:39
I don't know what to do with it. And like just keep feeding it lettuce. It will become our friends.

Unknown Speaker 28:46
I can't can't just sit it runs away from me. We set up a play pin in the room so she could take it out and chase it around. Put it back in. That's okay. It's it sort of stays stays there. Yeah. Okay, so to wrap ourselves

Unknown Speaker 29:00
For these nonprofits who are maybe on the fence, or maybe not feeling comfortable about asking for donations right now, what would you tell them?

Unknown Speaker 29:10
I would say start small. So,

Unknown Speaker 29:14
you know, it might be the best thing to do right now is you're about mid year. So maybe it's a summer appeal. You know, maybe it's that quick, easy email that is introducing yourself, you know, the thing that I really loved about this time and about people pay more attention to, you know, social media and email, those kind of things is, we've reached so many people from out of state who may not know either and I'm talking about all the organizations I work with, who may not hear about us because you know, they're a friend tag that tag themselves in something or shared something that they saw that they liked. And so I think right now is a great opportunity to just jump in and start doing something. So I would just start with that appeal. And then you've already got that content that then you can roll out with social media.

Unknown Speaker 30:00

Unknown Speaker 30:02
you know, your organization has those awesome stories, you that's why we all do this. Because the organization that we work with really organizations, in your case, Monica, that you work with you love and you believe in, and we wouldn't do this, if we didn't love and believe in it, that's what makes waking up. Awesome. That's what makes working those late nights awesome is because at the end of the day, you love it, and you believe in it. And because you believe in it, you'll be able to get other people to believe in it too. You know, just taking that first step, and sitting down and thinking about that story or, you know, thinking about that big purpose and making sure they tie it together and just starting to get the message out there.

Unknown Speaker 30:38
Awesome. Thank you very much for sharing all of your expertise any time. So for those of you guys who like hopped on and maybe are viewing the last part of this and want to hear the first part of it, um, we will roll this into our podcast, so it'll go out on the marketing with purpose podcast next week.

Unknown Speaker 31:00
It's very fun. Actually, podcasting is like probably one of the funnest mediums I've ever ventured into like videos are a little awkward. But podcasting is awesome.

Unknown Speaker 31:12
You don't have to write it and edit it, you just talk and then it becomes this thing. It's pretty fun. So you can join us there. And also, my last announcement, we just opened the doors. So you can register for our online fundraising boot camp. And I already had, like seven people sign up.

Unknown Speaker 31:35
So I'm really excited. So like, Thank you, everybody who has signed up and I'm excited to share all these people's stories with them because it was pretty great. I learned a lot, interviewing all these experts about how to run an online event because I don't do online events. I just knew that solve problems problem. Okay, so with that, we will sign off. Thank you

Unknown Speaker 32:00
You very much Oh wait, Laura, one more thing. If people want to ask you a question or learn more about Lutheran Family Services, how would they get ahold of you? I think the best would probably be my personal email Laura Schaefer. That's la you ra Schaefer s. Ch, AFER. And that's at Whoo. That is an old email. I know I've had it since I was like, 10 I can't I can't break away from it. Monica. I just can't. Oh, you're like a digital native. You were raised on it. Right. True story millennial right here through and through. Awesome. Thanks, everybody. Bye. Bye.

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Thank you so much for listening friends. I hope that you enjoyed learning from Laura as much as I did. She is so smart and so incredibly cool, right. Okay, so before I let you go, I just want to invite you one more time to come hang out with us at our online fundraising events. Boot Camp.

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If you are planning an online fundraiser right now, I have so many answers for you in this on demand content in in our live q&a session with our experts. And I have information about how to give value to your sponsors, how to stream your event, how to do that gala, five K, trivia night, all those things that you're trying to figure out. I have had the opportunity to interview experts who've been doing it. And people who've had success with it. It was awesome. I know you're gonna love it. And as far as the marketing goes, we totally have your back over here. It may create, we've created templates. We have a schedule for you all of it downloadable, ready for you to use inside of our online fundraising events. Boot Camp. Now, it's not going to be available forever. So hop on over, get registered. It's $20 go to you may

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YOUMA ye CR ea and join us. Let's get those events planned and rolling.

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Thanks again for listening to marketing with purpose. Head over to may create calm. Ma ye CR EA t calm. Yeah, you heard me right, ma ye create calm for podcast notes and more resources to grow your business. Don't let your marketing suck. Get your pride on market with purpose.

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