Investing in an Online Fundraiser Right now is Investing in the Future with Guest Adonica Coleman

People are more likely to participate in an online event than ever before! Let's look at one positive from COVID-19 and learn about how hosting an online fundraiser can be a major asset for the future. Adonica with A2D Events was at a conference in Las Vegas when COVID hit and saw the fallout among event planners but used this as an opportunity to pivot into something she has felt passionately about for a long time.

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Monica Maye Pitts
Monica Maye Pitts Chief Creative Officer

Investing in an Online Fundraiser Right now is Investing in the Future with Guest Adonica Coleman

People are more likely to participate in an online event than ever before! Let’s look at one positive from COVID-19 and learn about how hosting an online fundraiser can be a major asset for the future. Adonica with A2D Events was at a conference in Las Vegas when COVID hit and saw the fallout among event planners but used this as an opportunity to pivot into something she has felt passionately about for a long time.


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If you’re a natural born marketer, you’re one lucky son of a gun. If you’re like most people, marketing, especially online marketing is about as appealing as standing in a police lineup. The makri team of creatives is transformed websites and digital marketing from craptastic to fantastic since 2005. Our podcast marketing with purpose makes sense of marketing so you can make purposeful decisions instead of carrying on with the same old crap you’ve been doing. And now your host, Monica Pitts, founder of may create with another episode on how to make your marketing not suck.

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Hello, everybody, and welcome to marketing with purpose. Today we’re doing a Facebook Live with the wonderful men, Donna Coleman. And I’m so happy that we’ve found the time to get together have this fun conversation. Um, so the other day I posted On Facebook about any creative ideas that anybody had about running online fundraisers and adonijah messaged me, and then we had like this marvelous conversation and we were both very excited. And just super jazzed, there were a lot of positive energy flowing. And I felt like I had to bring all that energy out to all of you. So you can hear a donek with Outlook as a professional event planner, on what has been a pretty actually devastating season for social gatherings. So if I’m quite frank, so before we jump into our optimistic pool right now, I want to let all of you out there know who are considering planning an online fundraising event that Katie and I recently finished our 14 tech easy online fundraising, like idea bank, like right so that way you can go out and 46 people actually downloaded it, which is not a billion, right. But if you have downloaded it and you liked it, you can totally share it. People and or if you just like love may create, you could maybe you know, post a link to it and let other people know because what we want to do is we just want to give these small nonprofits who are struggling to get their fundraising going. Some energy, they just need direction and some ideas to be able to make this happened for them and you can help with that. You totally can. Okay. Now also, if you can’t hang out with us for this entire Facebook Live, you can catch up with us on our podcast marketing with purpose, because we’re going to roll this into a podcast. And we’ll release it Tuesday of next week. So you can catch up with Danica and I there and listen to us all the way through. Okay, so I have all my promos out of the way. Now, let’s get to our guest. So Danica, let’s start off by you tell me about a TV event. I know that you founded it in 2011. So what was your journey in starting this business and how specifically has working with nonprofits helped you shape your business

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Well, first, let me just say thank you for having me. I’m very excited to be with you today. We did have a wonderful conversation. And I think every conversation I’ve had with anybody concerning the state of events right now, and I start talking about the possibilities, I get super excited, you know, and so it’s good for me to be able to share this with a broader audience. So yes, I started a to the events in 2011. I just, I was just coming off of, you know, a couple years of staying home with the kids. And originally, some people don’t know that I was an interior designer by trade. And when I moved here, I was doing staging. And Monica would know that, because Monaco is probably one of the very first people that I met and she helped me do some marketing things with my staging business back then I totally remember that we lost contact for a whole lot of years. But here we are together again. And so when the housing market You know, crashed in 2008, I needed to figure out something different to do. I stayed home for a couple years. And then I was asked by a friend to help plan his wife’s 40th surprise birthday party. And I ended up just kind of taking that completely over. And I loved it. And I thought, maybe I can make a career out of this. And so I did start off doing a lot of social events, a lot of parties. And, you know, I got, I got kind of into kids parties for a long time, but they were like the big Pinterest over the top kids party. Parents go up, you know. And that was very fun. And I’m telling you, I learned a lot about working with people. And I think my very first nonprofit of it, I had a friend who was the president of the Home Builders Association at the time, and she came to me and said, You know, I know this is not really in your wheelhouse, but we really need to do a membership drive and a golf tournament as a fundraiser. And I said, You know, I haven’t done it before, but we can figure it out, too. Gather. And we did. And it’s kind of been its history from there, you know, I decided I really liked from raising corporate events and community events. And so that’s kind of where I’ve concentrated my efforts over the years.

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Now, um, I know that you work with a lot of nonprofit organizations, both volunteering and event planning. Tell me about how you’re helping Tell me about your endeavors.

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You know, I, I’ll say I started off, my first always call my first volunteer gig here, was at Granny’s house, which is down in Douglas park in Columbia. And I started volunteering there with a girls group, I think in like 2008 or nine. And then I got my husband involved volunteering with the young men’s group. And so you know, as long as we’re in there, and we’re doing the work, I start to think of these ideas. Oh, we could do this to raise money. Oh, we can do that to raise money. And then that turned into being brought on by Granny’s house to plan all their events and their fundraisers. And they were, again, one of those small, you know, local nonprofits that couldn’t afford to bring in, you know, a fundraiser on a full time basis. But once we started from writing for them, I saw all the possibilities, you know, I’m really big on trying to do something a little bit different than just typical gala, you know, formal dinner that everybody’s used to. And so my first big fundraising event that I came up with the concept on my own was glamping for grannies. And it was a combination of glamour and camping, and so people didn’t have to get dressed up, and they loved it. They loved it, though. Oh, it was so much fun. It was so much fun. So they love that and I just you know, I always try to think outside of the box when dealing with nonprofits and think of something a little bit different than welcome. For you, too.

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But you’re still like tying it into their core values and trying to make sure that it yeah speaks to their audience. And like, any of you guys who are always like looking for ideas or just enjoy the creative spirit of event planning, I love watching all your posts come through on Facebook. Sometimes I admit that I have a little bit of mom and be because I’m like, there’s no, especially when you were doing the kids events, you know, I and my kids birthday party looks like a, you know, pool in the backyard. And that’s it. Right here you put out like, huge spread and it’s like, beautiful. So definitely check out like a Facebook feed because there’s always pumping. You’re very active on Facebook. I see your posts all the time. lots of pictures and that’s on there.

Unknown Speaker 7:50
People are visual. So those work well.

Unknown Speaker 7:54
Yeah. So I know that you’re invested in our community. I also just saw that you became a business Coach with the Missouri women’s fitness. Like what does that mean? What does that mean?

Unknown Speaker 8:05
Yes. And that’s another thing? Well, you’ll find that I’m very excited a lot of the time. I’m also very excited about that opportunity. It’s interesting when I saw them post for a few positions for business coaches, and some part time ones, I thought, Oh, let me look at this and read this through and see who I can refer, you know, for this. And as I started reading it at that cash that sounds like something I like to do. I love working with women. And I would love to be able to share any knowledge that I’ve learned over the years with women who are trying to start businesses or who need help growing their businesses. And I will say that I am also very happy that the business center recognized that they were missing a whole community of people and wanted to specifically focus at least one of their part time positions on helping minority women in business. And I just thought, I am ready to go like I’m ready to go. I’m really excited and looking forward to helping people get some businesses launched. And hopefully help them grow some businesses. I mean, we need some more women led businesses in this town.

Unknown Speaker 9:16
I love women led businesses. And one of the cool things about doing consulting is every time that I do consulting for somebody I’m feeling it’s just an opportunity for me to look back at my own processes and my own ways of doing things and it makes me actually a better business person because I’m continually evaluating like, Okay, well, I just told this person to do I mean, he down to like a pop up on your website. I just told him that they should put this pop up on their website to do more email signup, and then I’m like, What is my follow up?

Unknown Speaker 9:47
Yes, I would say you are correct.

Unknown Speaker 9:51
Like, what was the last time I looked at that thing I don’t even know. So I don’t know that. I’m like, Hey, we gotta we gotta look at our You’d like Oh god, you’re good.

Unknown Speaker 10:04
So it feels like all of us have felt the impact of COVID in very different ways. And your event planners have been hit, like really hard. And I know that you watched it firsthand. And I’m certain that now the special events Show in Las Vegas probably feels like a million years ago. So tell me that story. Tell me how, like your first realization that this was going to be like crazy.

Unknown Speaker 10:31
Okay, so. So I took so I’m also a very part time adjunct instructor over at Stephens event convention management department. And so we have been planning we’re taking a took nine students over to the special event Show in Las Vegas. And, of course, we’re also excited, you know, they’re 20 and 21 years old, and some of them are going to Las Vegas for the first time so yeah, And, and I was excited to go to the show because this was my first time going, and it is one of the largest event shows in the country. And we get there. And you know, there had been talk of cobit right before we went, and we have the conversations with our administrators about, you know, what precautions we should take, and we call the event shell to find out what precautions they were taking and what crashes the hotels were taking. And we were like, okay, we’re good to go. We all know what to do. And we get there. And of course, you know, when you’re in a convention in a large convention hotel like that, you’re kind of in your own bubble. You know, you’re in your own space, and we get there and by mid week, I started getting these texts, text after text after text because I actually had the wedding show in the district plan for that Sunday when we returned. And so I start getting text saying are we still going to do this or Doesn’t do this or still don’t do this. And I have been in the convention bubble. So I hadn’t been watching the news or really TV or anything. And then I think by Thursday, my phone was ringing off the hook. And then we got the call from the University from Steven saying, Hey, we’re gonna have you guys quarantine when you come back to campus. Do you have to stay in these particular rooms? And so I thought, Okay, this is way more serious than what I was thinking. And then when we were in one of our morning, activities with thousands and thousands of event planners from all over the world, really, we could see people looking at their phones. And then the worst part is spreading that people were dropping contracts, that contracts were being broken and people were saying, nope, we’re not moving forward with that. And these were like, some of these were like, multimillion dollar events. We have event producers from all over the world at this show. And as I started, I remember thinking to myself on the flight back. I don’t know if our industry will ever be the same. It certainly changed in that moment, I knew that our industry was forever changed.

Unknown Speaker 13:10
Now the

Unknown Speaker 13:12
the news for event planners, it was, I mean, it was obviously, like, terrible. And every event that we add find out for which like, cancel, cancel, cancel, cancel. And Stacy and I are like, Whoa, how are we going to be making friends with people? How are we going to keep maintaining these relationships? And I know that some people are they were writing the year off, and they told you that you needed to write the year off. But you did not. You were like, I’m going to the drawing board. I’m going to find solutions. So tell me like, what, what kind of solutions are you presenting right now?

Unknown Speaker 13:48
Okay, so I do remember sitting on what I thought was one of the more comprehensive panels that I got a chance to watch. It was with a lot of national event plans. And like an ex Homeland Security Adviser. And I remember her saying specifically, you know, 2020 big events, write them off. I totally remember her saying that. And I remember thinking, gosh, how can you write off a whole year of live events. I knew what she was saying in theory. But I kept thinking these nonprofits, especially, I was thinking more of my mouth profit customers, they have to be able to continue to fundraise. And there has to be a way that they can fundraise and make money even in the midst of this very strange year that we’re in where nobody really knows what the future is gonna hold. And so what I did was decided that I’m going to embark upon finding some type of virtual event platform that works. So I spent countless hours I don’t even know how many sitting in on virtual demos, all the different companies I will tell you, Monica when when this very first started when Kobe like first became this huge thing. There are probably three or four virtual event platform companies. Within a week. They started popping up all over the place, all over the place. And I knew right then that this was I was like, Okay, this is this is gonna be like a huge, huge thing. And they started popping up. And so I started going every demo, everyone.

Unknown Speaker 15:35
Whoever was

Unknown Speaker 15:38
but I’m not sure has to be a solution, right? There’s got to be something out here that works for nonprofits that need to raise money. So I’m a creative thinker. And so I started thinking outside the box, okay, how can we incorporate some type of physical thing with the people who are watching virtually to make them feel more tidy and you know, how can Cassie how we can do a webinar. But how could we do a gala virtual you know, so my mind started going to all these different aspects like we’ve had to find a way to make this interesting because people can click off your virtual event super quickly.

Unknown Speaker 16:14
Yeah. Yeah, it’s worse than a channel changer. Gone.

Unknown Speaker 16:19
Oh my gosh, just out of here, you know? Yeah. Oh yeah for click off and nonprofit we can’t have that we gotta have people engaged so they can make some money.

Unknown Speaker 16:30
Yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 16:33
So where did you come around to then? I mean, I think I remember you telling me that you actually didn’t find one that like best, like fit all your needs. So you like went to the drawing board? Right? I did.

Unknown Speaker 16:44
I did. You know, I felt like there were good parts and a lot of the ones that I watched that I demo, but I didn’t feel like there were any that were custom enough. I don’t know. They felt a little cookie cutter to me. Like with this particular one, you can do webinars, you know, with this particular one, you can do meetings with a chat function. And I was like, Well, where’s the one for like the live, you know, where you want to bring it in your time and you want to, and I just was not really finding that. And so I just decided, well, I’m gonna try to create one on my own. And so that’s what I did. I just went to the drawing board, and I wrote down Hey, these are all the things that I

Unknown Speaker 17:26
so you were telling us about how this one’s more flexible. You made a list that of all the things that you wanted?

Unknown Speaker 17:32
Yes, I did. And I said, you know, there’s a way and so what’s interesting is the way I ended up partnering with my AV and tech vendor. I did not really know the right person locally to connect with because I felt like it was a lie and it seemed strange what I was asking for. Yeah, like I wanted to do this, this, this and this, and this and this and honestly like, it really is A box, right where I can call a company and be like, Hey, here’s what I want. I was on a national event planners Facebook board. And I think some tech person posted a post to say, Hey, can I have you guys check out my website. I’ve been live streaming since 1989. But I feel like my website’s very out of date, because I’ve never really had to, like I’m known around here. And so I get the business. But now you know, I’m getting all these callbacks, like I need to update. It was like six o’clock in the morning, Monica. And I was just in the back home scrolling and I was like, Oh, let me just look and see what this person does. And you know, when I looked, I thought, this is the kind of person I need. Somebody who kind of knows how to do everything. Yeah. And who understands event. So not just you know, the tech part, but you also understand event and what I would need this to do. And so I just responded to his his posts with a comment and asked if I could send them a message. And I did and we just started talking. And once we got live on the phone, like we were on the phone the first time for like two hours, you know, yeah, and I can do this, okay, do that, yeah, I’m not gonna do that, oh, that’s no problem. And over the month, we just developed this working relationship. And now we’ve got that platform ready to go. And I couldn’t be I’m thrilled with the outcome.

Unknown Speaker 19:22
Yay, I’m sure that all your clients will be super thrilled to because it’s gonna make things so much easier for them. I just love like going through time saving tips for event, you know, planning your online fundraising event, and one of them was, hey, maybe you don’t have to figure this all out on your own. I know that you’re going to have to invest in a solution like working with ADD events, but you have for another event planner, but it feels like if you sometimes they just know so much more about promoting the event about running the event and if you’re really, really small organization. Yeah, and you only have one or two people, but you have the budget to hire somebody to do it. It feels like

Unknown Speaker 20:07
Dang. Like,

Unknown Speaker 20:09
yeah. I mean, like, why not?

Unknown Speaker 20:12
The outcomes are really great. I’ve seen so many great.

Unknown Speaker 20:17
Yes. And that is what even in live event planning, especially with nonprofit organizations, I always say, I know it feels scary to output this financial piece upfront, but I do understand that. But a lot of times, we were talking about this before we came on the air, I am big on finding people who are good at specific things that they do. And so for nonprofit, you are good at serving the community in that way. You know, an event is a lot of times a very different thing. It’s a very different thing, and it has its own nuances. And, you know, you have to know your audience and you have to know you know, kind of what works and what doesn’t With that particular audience, and so an event planner, most times the one who’s been dealing with these particular organizations, they kind of know they’ve seen it. And they have that experience. And they bring that experience into your nonprofit. And it almost always ends up being a benefit in the long run.

Unknown Speaker 21:18
Yeah, and you’ll learn things from working with them, too. I know that whenever I have the opportunity to work with other professionals, I’m just like, wow. wait to get that experience. So I know that online events are not like a new thing to you, though. Like you’ve been wanting to do these for a while, but you were getting like some resistance from people now. Yeah. Are you are you having less resistance now? Or are people just like jumping in or?

Unknown Speaker 21:47
Well, now even even from I would say from March, you know, when COVID kind of first started. I was reaching out to my clients that I knew were going to have fundraisers. Coming up or planned either in the summer or the fall or winter of this year, and I tried to be proactive and say, hey, maybe we should consider virtual or maybe we should consider some type of online. And I will tell you that a lot of people just did not. They just didn’t know what I was talking about. They just didn’t understand and because to nobody knew how long COVID was going to last, or was it going to be over and, you know, after two weeks of lockdown, or whatever, people were very optimistic that well, we can just postpone our live event. And then we can just do it in a couple months. And you can only postpone for so long and keep pushing back for so long. And then I even said, Hey, you’ll run into a backlog. If everybody keeps pushing their events back, you know, two months, then you’re going to run into an a backlog. Where are you going to have the event? Everybody’s going to be booked up because everybody has pushed their thing back. Let’s think of a way that we can get some money coming into your organization right now. Because the people that you spend They still need you, maybe even in these times more than ever. And so we have to keep that funding coming in for them. So, yeah, I got pushed back and people didn’t understand. But I’ll tell you now that people are kind of seeing the larger picture. And we’ve got these, you know, the numbers are down, and then they’re up. And you know, you can have 50 people or you can have people

Unknown Speaker 23:24
pay you back.

Unknown Speaker 23:26
Yeah, that was just, I’m sure that was just a Wi Fi glitch.

Unknown Speaker 23:31
The Wi Fi. So you were saying like, the numbers are shifting. Sometimes it’s 50 people sometimes 100 people like

Unknown Speaker 23:38
having a plan around that. Yeah. How do you stand around that when you could start planning your event today, where they’re saying, you know, you can have 200 people as long as they’re socially distance properly. And then, you know, two months later, the numbers have gone up. And, you know, God forbid, you’re back to you know, you can only have 50 people. So how do you plan for that? And so that’s when I thought it was very important to eat, we can plan a live event and have a plan B. Or we just go in and figure out the best virtual event that we can have.

Unknown Speaker 24:13
Yeah, I think that October, if we’re totally open as a community like or as open as he is going to be like, gel nors worn out from events.

Unknown Speaker 24:28
They’re there. I think that everybody’s going to do it in October, and it’s just going to be like,

Unknown Speaker 24:34
but we’ll see.

Unknown Speaker 24:37
So one of the other things that we both agree on, is how virtual events can actually have a lot of benefits for the people who choose to do them. They can build and reach a new audience that maybe they haven’t had the opportunity to come in contact with before and and sometimes they’re far less expensive. To run, and, you know, you were saying that you really feel like it should be part of the mix. It shouldn’t just be in person.

Unknown Speaker 25:09
Yeah, because if you think about the financial output of a lot of it, I mean, and this is, and I could obviously I could be shooting myself in the foot. This is just, I like to be transparent, honest, live events cost a lot of money. When they’re well done, and you have a, you know, a group of 400 people coming to one place, and, you know, they have to eat and you know, you have open bar for an hour or two, or whatever. I mean, they can get pretty pricey. And so I will tell you that as a planner of those kinds of events, the pressure builds, like from the beginning, like as you’re planning, you’re looking at those numbers and you’re like, Okay, so we got to raise this much money even cover the costs. Virtual events, just they’re not as expensive They’re not I mean, you pay for good production, you know, pay for entertainment if you need it do those things. But they will not be as expensive on the front end as a live event. And so while I’m not advocating for lab events to go away, I am saying that I know that there will be some people who at the end of this year will look at the numbers and say, Oh gosh, we raised more during this virtual event. And our expenses were not as high and so maybe instead of having three lab events a year you may have to virtual and one live event. So I’m by no means am I saying oh live event should just go away. No people we as humans, we are we thrive on that personal interaction. I love being in the room with people. There is nothing I love more than when guests are arrive at a live event. And you know, the Wow. And the oh my gosh, like I really love that part and being able to make that personal connection with people from the stage. And I say that because that MC some things to making that personal connection is important. And sometimes, you know, you get people that they get in the room with you and they feel that energy, and they give more than they were planning to, which is always nice.

Unknown Speaker 27:17
Yeah, for sure. And it is hard to find that energy online. And yeah, I know that from doing webinars. And

Unknown Speaker 27:25
yes, it’s

Unknown Speaker 27:26
just, man, sometimes you’re just hanging out an empty room while I’m

Unknown Speaker 27:32
talking to this video screen, you know?

Unknown Speaker 27:36
Like, was that even a joke? Or was that just important? I don’t know. Like, I just don’t know.

Unknown Speaker 27:43
I know.

Unknown Speaker 27:45
So, um, what would you tell people who are considering hosting a virtual fundraising event right now?

Unknown Speaker 27:53
I would tell them to explore possibilities. I would also tell them not to be afraid of it and not to automatically think, oh god, that’s not gonna work. Because I know that that’s the mindset. In some area, that’s just not gonna work. Especially if you have a connection with someone or if you know someone who’s there are other people in Colombia that are in the space right now, talk to people and say, hey, how’s this worked out for other clients? Tell me what you’re able to do, what benefits you know, do you offer in the virtual space, because there there are some things that can be done. And you know what, even if you do a virtual event, that you let’s say you’re used to bringing in $25,000 at a live event, and you do a virtual event and it brings in 10. But you’ve only spent, you know $2,000 as opposed to spending, you know, $12,000 to raise the 25 I mean, it’s money coming into a non for profit is money coming into a non for profit. There are like I said, I am big on creative ways to make your virtual event feel different from the last virtual event you saw. And there are ways to do that I have a whole notebook full of ideas, you know, it’s just about spreading them out to the right clients.

Unknown Speaker 29:17
Yeah. That’s awesome. That’s totally awesome. Yes, I totally agree with you. And I feel like with the virtual events, in my experience, and I only run one big one part of, you know, camo kids, but yeah, Community Foundation. And sometimes it does take a little bit of time for people to latch on to the idea and be okay with it being virtual. But I know that if you do it the first time, and then you do it again, you’re and you did a good job the first time then the second time is going to be even bigger. And it’s like that with any event, right? The first year that you do that Gala. It’s not going to be as good as the second year. You know, So, I, I’m excited to see how things can trend online and, and kind of even like, some of the challenge once they figure it out, right? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 30:17
exactly. You’re right, Monica, it takes I mean, you learn from the first one, right? You learn to Okay, I won’t do that, again, I will do that. Let’s expand on this part. And that’s how you learn. And that’s how the events get better and better, whether they’re live or virtual. So I think that kind of throwing your finger eggs in that basket and saying, hey, maybe let’s look into this, or, you know, let’s at least talk to somebody and see what the possibilities are. I think that’s the first step and the way to go and a lot of times, you can probably get a virtual event going much faster than you can a live one.

Unknown Speaker 30:55
Yeah, well, just not having to find the space and make the menu or Probably, especially in our town where we do have some larger event venues where we only have like one or two. You’re gonna have something big. You just don’t have a lot of options. You’re not to do it. And we have a lot of great smaller venues that Yeah, really authentic feelings.

Unknown Speaker 31:22
Yes. I’m very fortunate. We have some great venues in this town, large and small. And and I’m always amazed if I have a town the size that it is support. So many great nonprofit I mean, Columbia supports their organization.

Unknown Speaker 31:40
Yeah, well, that’s what makes us such a great community is that we have these organizations that do care about people that are doing everything right now from figuring out a way to deliver lunches to kids all over the community to being on a way to deliver Wi Fi to people who don’t have it. I mean, like, wow, they’re like, we’re getting put Wi Fi and buses and we’re going to go Park and place it.

Unknown Speaker 32:03
Yeah. Awesome.

Unknown Speaker 32:05
It’s really, really impressive. And I mean, even just watching the the animal related organizations and how they relate. All right, everybody needs to foster dog right now. And everybody just came together and took in a new dog and brought it home and I was like, holy cow, you’d be more amazing. Like, we do live in a really wonderful place

Unknown Speaker 32:27
for sure we do. I agree.

Unknown Speaker 32:30
Okay, so we are going to wrap this up. So thank you so much for hanging out with me today. danika as always a pleasure to be part of this energy that you bring to the table. And I hope that those of you who experienced this conversation with us can feel some of that excitement and and bring some of that home with us so that you can go forward and make an event that makes you really proud. And of course, as a reminder for those of you who are planning an event Now if you need ideas, you can check out that free downloadable resource 14 tech TV online fundraising event ideas. And if you need more help than that, then I mean, there’s always people like it onika who can pick up the ball and get it rolling for you? Where can they find you to connect it on.

Unknown Speaker 33:18
So a couple places so I am on Facebook and Instagram at a to the event and that’s the number two, a to b event super easy to find me there, you can send me a message. And also we just will be dropping our new demo video for our new live virtual platform, which is called venue live by the way. So I’ll put that on my Facebook page and Instagram page today so people can see get a little taste of how that works. And we are setting up the website for that at exciting that venue live that solution. So that’s another place where you can go and see that video and contact us We’re just excited to help any and all organizations tailor something specific to their needs. So I’m excited about the opportunity.

Unknown Speaker 34:11
Well, thank you so much. And with that, I’m gonna let everybody go. Thank you so much for your time today and I will see you next week at 4pm. I’m going to get to interview my longtime friend and fundraiser Laura Smith. I actually met her in college. So we’ve known each other for a really long time. And she’s going to share her online fundraising methods with us. She is a super creative lady and she’s on the boards of not different nonprofits in our community. And she’s also a fundraiser and a marketer for a nonprofit in her community like that is her job and she’s been doing it like, well since she left bakery back in I don’t even know what year that was that it was a really. So definitely, she makes it almost sound too easy. When I listen to her talk about it. I’m like Warriors. So, until next week everyone go forth and market with purpose.

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Thanks again for listening to marketing with purpose, head over to may create calm, ma ye CR ea t.com Yeah, you heard me right, ma ye create calm for podcast notes and more resources to grow your business. Don’t let your marketing suck. Get your pride on market with purpose.

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