Love it or hate it, PowerPoint is a great presentational tool. It’s a wonderful guide for you to make sure you are on topic and provides an outline for your guests.
Presenters have been abusing their PowerPoint design privileges for years now so when we found this useful video about PowerPoint design techniques we had to share.  The video encourages us to keep focused on what what’s most important when preparing your PowerPoint.  Keep in mind the reason people are at your presentation is to learn about the topic, not to see how creative you can be with the software.

There are many fun and colorful PowerPoint templates that may tempt you to stray from the video’s design principals, when choosing a template try to select an option that doesn’t distract your audience.  Over designed slides tends to wear on a viewers eyes causing them to become unfocused. Your viewers need and appreciate a clean presentation to process the information.

Check out this video from Before & After for more PowerPoint tips.

Stick to these basic guidelines below for PowerPoint presentations and you’ll be headed down the right track.


  • Bright backgrounds – These colors make it difficult for the audience to look at for a period of time.
    • Neon
    • Green
    • Red
    • White
  • Large/unrealistic photos – Don’t stray from the message of your presentation


  • Solid color backgrounds – These color tones are easy on the eye and allow for longer attention to be focused.
    • Black
    • Burgundy
    • Neutral
  • Use a gradient – Adds a color effect to the presentation without being too over the top.
    • Photo explaining gradient
    • Semi dark to light dark
  • Soft Texture – Offers a variety from being too plain

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