Prepping Your Marketing for the Busy Season - Start Now

As your busy season draws near, now is the time to make sure you have all your ducks in a row to keep your business’s marketing moving smoothly through the coming months.

1. Review The Big Picture

If you don’t have any marketing goals yet, maybe now’s the time to make them! Identify where your going as a business, what your marketing strategy is to get there, and who you’re trying to reach with your marketing. Keep this big picture, you’ll review the fine points of your plan in step 3.

2. Set Benchmarks

Marketing review without benchmarks is like limbo without a pole.  You won’t know if you made it to the next round if you don’t measure.  But, what metrics prove if your marketing is working or not? Start at the top — your big money benchmark to track marketing performance is, you guessed it, sales.  Also review your building metrics – the benchmark data that lets you know things are building in the direction you want to go. These metrics are building because they should almost always be going up: website visits, website leads, inbound phone calls, clicks on your phone number from your Google My Business listing, tradeshow or networking leads, social media following, social media engagement, email list size.

Because your business is likely cyclical in nature, you can’t always just compare you benchmarks last month versus this month. Consider reviewing data from both the previous month and the same time period from the previous year to see how the numbers line up. Is it close to your goal? Ask yourself, why or why not? What have you done differently?

3. Activities – Past, Present, Future

It worked for Ebenezer Scrooge and it will work for your marketing too. Start with the past – what marketing activities have you completed this year? Are there things that are working particularly well you should consider doing more of in the coming months? What have you learned? Maybe you had a great success or a total belly flop. Each activity you engage in is part of your overall marketing experiment; it’s important to note all outcomes, especially those that don’t go as planned, so you can adjust for the future.

Present – Where is everybody on all the things they’re supposed to be doing for your marketing?

Future – What activities are you planning to do during this busy season? Are there activities you can do now to make your marketing easier in the coming months? As your company’s workload increases during the warm months, you don’t have as much time to allocate towards marketing activities. So what can you do now?

  • Review your creative process. Are there ways you can increase efficiency through technology? A lot of our clients have their project managers snap photos with their cell phones on the job to add to their website or social media. The PMs then upload photos directly to Google Drive in a shared folder. Could you implement processes like this in your marketing to save time in the long run?
  • Work ahead. If you have blog posts to write or social media posts to publish, prepare for them ahead of time, and get ahead of the game. Schedule those things to publish during the busy season so that you can focus on other things.
  • Prioritize. What are your make-or-break activities? And what, if time is tight, are the things you can put off until later? Prioritizing isn’t saying you’ll never do those things, it’s clearly defining what must be done and what can be picked up as time allows.
  • Delegate. If priority activities truly must be done, are you able to delegate them so you can focus on what’s most important on a day-to-day basis? For example, we have many clients who delegate MayeCreate to handle all of their website updates during their busy season.
  • Create a wish list. Where would you like to go next with your marketing? What ideas do you have to improve? Need to purchase any marketing materials? Keep a list of them so you can implement them as time and money allows. In our office we are currently building our tradeshow wish list. As we’ve moved through this very busy season of networking, we’ve noted the items we’d like to upgrade and replace as well as ideas for improvement. So when the funds come in and our schedule allows, we can move these onto our future activity list.

4. Check In With Sales

The busy season isn’t inclusively for your labor crew, it can also be an extremely opportune and lucrative time for your sales team. Make sure they’re organized and have what they need to do their jobs. Replenish your sales materials and business cards that may have run out during tradeshow season.  Organize the leads they gathered at shows and establish a game plan for follow-ups. Also, review leads and opportunities from the end of busy season last year to pick up where you left off.

Get a jump start on your marketing by preparing for the busy season now.  

Review your goals and determine your benchmarks. Then outline the activities you’ve already done and what you have planned for the next few months, highlighting your must-do items. Then head over to sales and make sure your prospecting is organized.

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