Nothing defines convenience like walking just a few steps down the stairs to talk to a client. Prudential Vision Properties is a real estate business that lives downstairs from the MayeCreate and Tranquility office at 307 Locust. We’ve worked with Prudential many times before. When they came to us requesting a website update, though, we knew it was our chance to create a site that would impress even the pickiest critics. We are happy to help Prudential update their website look to show off their top-rate real estate services for buyers and sellers in the Columbia area.
Prudential Vision Properties New WebsitePrudential’s willingness to embrace new ideas and create a more modern site helped MayeCreate produce a highly-functional home for their online resources. The new site includes a collapsable, step-by-step guide to selling your home, a vast directory of community resources and a home search. The buyer’s toolbox on the buyers page includes interactive features, such as a mortgage calculator and a list of today’s rates, to make purchasing a home easier for Prudential’s clients. For more information about Prudential, visit their new website found at

If you or someone you know is looking to update or build a website, get your pride on with the MayeCreate team. We’ll work with you to add pizzazz and professionalism to your online image. Whether we already know you or not, we’ll put our best effort into making the design process successful and friendly. Check out a list of our services or view our portfolio. Then, give us a call at 573-447-1839 to get started.

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