You’ve heard about or seen those pixelated squares they call QR codes, but what are they, what do they do and how do they work?
QR, or Quick Response, codes are an emerging marketing tool utilizing smartphones’ capabilities to scan an image, store data, and access the internet. QR codes are images that tell your smartphone to open a specific webpage on its web browser when they are “read” by a QR Reader. Common uses include links to contact information, details about a special event or an advertisement for current promotions or coupons. Anyone can create custom QR code and they can be shared in a variety of ways.

Common Uses & How QR Codes Are Shared
QR codes can be used for a variety of things you want to promote/share, such as:

  • coupons
  • benefits
  • specials
  • events
  • contact information
  • directions or maps
  • porfolios & examples
  • landing pages
  • … the list goes on!

QR codes can be shared on printed material, for example business cards, resumes and posters or digitally, on computer screens or another handheld device.

How QR Codes Work
To read QR codes you need to have a smartphone with the internet, a camera and a QR reader. You can download the QR reader through the internet or application service on your phone. After you install and open the QR reader you scan the QR code by taking a picture of the bar code and open the link you just received. Your smartphone reads and stores data from the QR code to show you information and give more details.

How To Create Your Own
Many websites allow you to create your own personalized QR codes. To do so you need a QR code generator, which you can find online for free! The generators allow you to customize your QR code. Some smartphone applications also generate custom QR codes. You’ll want to follow the prompts to make that happen. Whether you’d like to add a picture, logo, web address or cool graphics, they will do it for you!

I mean, let’s be serious, who doesn’t want information when and where they want it? We all do.
All consumers want information as quickly as they can get it and using QR codes will move them in the right direction for faster networking methods.

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