Og Mandino

“Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later.” -Og Mandino


Everyone needs a little push now and again. A little bit of motivation. A bit of creativity. So here’s that push.

With adult coloring books in every checkout lane we thought we’d add to the fad.  We build websites but with that opportunity comes more than just the excitement of the creative. We also have to sell them first and then manage client’s expectations throughout the relationship. And as I’m sure you know, your trade is easy but sometimes, people can be hard. We have our quotes and “MayeCreate-isms” to keep our pride up and motivate us through the moments of yuck.  What better way to share them and give back a little to our readers than to make them into coloring pages!

Coloring pages aren’t just cool, experts say  like they promote focus, and can help with stress and anxiety. They even help you with your fine motor skills, since the details are usually so tiny. Life is hard, and sometimes you need a break. So think of it as our way of extending a health benefit. We care about you, and this is a fun way we can help you outside of your business, while still keeping it work oriented.

So get on coloring, or just take the quote to heart. All you need now is your colored pencils and you’re set!

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