Reed Heating & Air Conditioning's new websiteFamily-Owned & Operated for Three Generations

Reed Heating & Air Conditioning is a 3rd generation owned and operated heating & air conditioning service in Columbia, MO catering to customers of all kinds by tackling any problem they encounter. Like us, they pride themselves in finding solutions to save their customers time, money, and stress, which is why we enjoyed working with them so much to design and build their new website!

A Website with Rich Imagery to Reflect a Rich History

The first thing you’ll notice about Reed Heating & Air Conditioning’s new website is the rich historical imagery used to represent their story.  

On the Home page next to their general company introduction is a “Now and Then” image of the original crew from 1962 and the current crew, two of which are captured in both pictures. This tells visitors, “Hey, we’ve been here a long time. You know us. We’re legit.” Farther down, the section marked “Experience is Key” features a background image with a variety of vintage manufacturer labels from the systems they’ve installed and supported throughout their 55 years of service, driving home the fact they’re still in the game, still providing the same quality service with the same level of experience and expertise.

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