In January 2016, we introduced Rebecca Thomas to you as one of our interns. This past December, she graduated Cum Laude from Stephens College with a major in Strategic Communication & Integrated Marketing and we’re SO PROUD to announce that she is now officially our full-time designer!

Quick Recap

A Farmington, MO native, she was always a creative kid who spent the bulk of her free time committed to the arts. She attended a junior college near home and focused her attention on Fine Art, where she studied oil painting, printmaking, illustration, 2D Design, color theory…pretty much anything she could get her hands on.

She wasn’t convinced though that art was necessarily the right career to pursue, so she came to Columbia to study marketing and juggled her artistic interests through web design and graphic arts, which landed her here as an intern at MayeCreate.

She’s full of sarcasm, wit, and chocolate, all of which fit in quite well here.

Her Super MayeCreate Powers Include…

You may recall Rebecca being the talented creator behind the comics we share on our blog, and as an intern she also handled some of the smaller web administration tasks.

Now, she’s not only the creative behind our graphic design, she’s also taking care of our web administration needs, coding tasks, and she’s tackling the role of “Website Security Guard” managing the Safe Site implementation side of our completed web development projects.

Looking Forward

As long as Disney, DreamWorks or Marvel doesn’t call on Rebecca’s skills for their graphic design needs, we hope she’s here for the long haul.

With the support from her friends, family, and Simon (the 8-year-old toothless Japanese Chin she calls her son), she’s continuing her marketing success with us (at least for the foreseeable future), and we’re absolutely stoked to have her all to ourselves.

More about the Author

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Katie Guinn

Katie is a Designer & Content Developer at MayeCreate Design. Her responsibilities and experience include content development for websites and online marketing, blogging, general website maintenance, graphic design, ad campaign management, project management, office management, bookkeeping, and customer service. As a wife, mom, twin, seasoned karaoke singer and amateur rock climber, she’s seen the world from many perspectives and thrives to bring an open mind and clear vision to her position here at MayeCreate.

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